Top 5 most expensive beef in the world

Beef is known as a familiar and nutritious food source for each family. On the market today, there are many types of beef from popular to high-class, premium. To be able to enjoy the world-class beef, you can pay thousands of dollars. Let's SmartCms learning about the most expensive beef in the world through the article below!

1. Wagyu

Wagyu beef is known as one of the most expensive beef in the world today. The selling price of Wagyu beef can be up to 400 USD/kg, the Wagyu cows themselves have sold for up to 30,000 USD for 1 head.

What makes Wagyu beef famous around the world and so expensive is its delicious taste and very high nutritional value. To be able to bring consumers the best quality Wagyu beef, the Japanese government has developed very strict regulations in the process of raising and producing Wagyu beef.
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2. Kobe

Besides Wagyu beef, Japanese Kobe beef is equally expensive. Kobe beef is a premium beef and is also a specialty of the city of Kobe in the Kinni region, Japan. Currently, Kobe beef costs about 300 USD to more than 1,000 USD / kg, this price depends on the quality of the meat.

What makes Kobe beef famous is the dense marbled veins interspersed with each fiber, creating a feeling of fat and sweetness that melts on the tip of the tongue when enjoying. Kobe is also considered one of the three famous Wagyu beef breeds and is ranked in the top of the best cows in the world.
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3. Blonde Aquitaine

Blonde Aquitaine beef is also considered one of the most expensive and high-quality beef available today, even ranked as or above Kobe beef or Black Angus beef. A piece of beefsteak from the Cote de Boeuf, also known as the tenderloin with the bones of the Blonde Aquitaine cow, which has been hibernated since 2000 until now, costs up to 3,200 USD.
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4. Omi

Omi beef is also one of the three famous Wagyu beef in Japan. Omi beef is raised in Shiga district, Japan for a long time with a rich diet, the most comfortable living environment, making Omi beef also considered a top quality beef with a high price. thanks to the rich meat flavor. Currently, Omi beef costs about 450 USD/kg.
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5. Hida

Hida beef is a breed of black-haired cow raised in Japan. Hida beef is as famous as Matsusaka beef and Kobe beef. Currently, the price of Hide beef is about 160 USD, a Hida cow costs up to 10 million Japanese yen.

Hida cows also undergo a very special care process, every day they only eat nutritious cereals, drink the purest water or listen to classical music while sleeping. This helps Hida beef to have an outer layer covered with a layer of fat, which makes the meat tender and sweet, but not greasy.
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