Top 10 best books of all time that you should read

Books are the pearl of human knowledge and have a great influence on human life. By reading good books, people can change their way of life, improve their spirit and have the right direction for their career.

1. Zhuan Falun

Is the main book of Falun Gong, it has been translated into 38 different languages, now the practice is popular in more than 114 countries and hundreds of millions of practitioners.

The book helps readers towards good values in life, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, learn how to be a better and better person. It also helps readers understand many things about the human body as well as solve countless mysteries in the universe.
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2. Journey to the East

Journey to the East" is part of the famous memoirs of Professor Blair T. Spalding (1857-1953). The book tells the story of a team of scientists with different specialties, the British Royal Society of Science (ie the Academy of Sciences) sent to India to study "occult". After two years of wandering around Indian temples, witnessing many scenes of superstitions, even "making money" for tourists, of many fake shamans and Taoists, they were exposed to real monks. anonymously in the city or on the Snowy Mountains. As a result, they have the right witness and understanding of the ancient and esoteric sciences of Indian culture such as yoga, astrology, nourishing and healing spells, conceptions of life and death.

“Everything in the universe is perfectly balanced, with no excess, no shortage, from the tiny speck of dust to the great galaxies. Human life is too short, and always get caught up in the hectic life. Few people realize today's wastefulness, paving the way for tomorrow's suffering. It's all just fleeting illusions, yet people take them for granted. If we know how to wake up and observe, we can learn many good things. Unfortunately, when the time is right, people forget the past very quickly. Only in suffering, humiliation and humiliation will learn. Maybe that's also the reason there are always changes in impermanence, prompting people to learn."

Some people think that Journey to the East is a book that raises questions about the mysteries of life and the universe, then Zhuan Falun is the book that answers those questions.
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3. Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is the first book to set forth the philosophy of success - a complete and comprehensive philosophy of personal success, while providing you with a method to create a rough and detailed plan. to achieve that success.

Written from countless true stories of great people like Edison - a brilliant inventor whose training time in school was only... only 3 months, like Henry Ford - who was considered to have no educated but has become a tycoon in the car industry with a huge fortune..., the work has a great persuasive and moving force,. Napoleon Hill spent almost all his time and energy over the course of nearly thirty years interviewing more than 500 of the most famous and successful people in various fields, along with thousands of other entrepreneurs - even the most unsuccessful. and successful people.
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4. Life without limits

Life Without Limits - Nick Vujic- The Magical Story of the Most Special Guy on the Planet“.
"You are more beautiful and precious than all the diamonds in the world. Even so, we should always set ourselves the goal of becoming better, more complete human beings, repelling and rejecting. Limits by dreaming big dreams.In that journey, we always need to make adjustments (because life is not always rosy), but this life is always worth living. I am here to tell you that no matter what situation you are in, as long as you are breathing, you can still contribute to this life…”
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5. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings was first published by the great poet J. R. R. Tolkien in 1954. It is one of the best books of all time with sales of more than 150 million copies.

The full version of this novel consists of 7 stories, the main content of this work is about the journey to destroy the character of the Dark Lord.

In this famous book, the author brought readers to a fantasy world called Middle Earth. Here is the place to live and exist of many different special species with the same purpose of seeking justice for themselves.
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6. War and peace

This book is about Napoleon's invasion of Russia. This work does not have a main character, but instead the reader will be immersed in stories revolving around the personal and political pursuits of a class. Despite their different backgrounds and backgrounds, they all had the same goal of fighting Napoleon's invaders. War and Peace deserves to be humanity's masterpiece of profound philosophies between good and evil in life and a book for you to ponder before the stories full of philosophy.
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7. Don Quixote

The content of the work is set in the context of Spanish society with many people from many different social classes. But who the characters in this story are, where they come from or do any job, they all aim to obey and listen to the main character in this work, Don Quixote - a wealthy aristocrat and the superintendent.

The two had journeys around Spain, while the aristocrat was always rich in creativity and made things as imagined, the uncle was very calm and practical. create very interesting details for this work.
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8. Trump Never Give Up

Trump - Never Give Up This most famous businessman in the world candidly talks about his biggest challenges, worst moments, and fiercest battles - and how he turned those adversities into new successes.

The book also gives valuable advice in economics on: how to respond to setbacks and setbacks; turn big problems into even bigger opportunities; how to turn enemies and foes into friends and allies; How to use immediate setbacks to motivate yourself – and make you more resilient.

Through stories and profound experiences from a master trader, you will have confidence in yourself when facing difficulties and overcoming obstacles to realize your dreams.
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9. Harry Potter

The 7-volume series "Harry Potter" is the proudest, most famous work and also the work that brings fame to the literary career of British female author J. K. Rowling.

This fantasy story that has gone viral on many book markets is about the wizard boy Harry Potter's battle alone against a dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed his parents as well as all of them. witches against him to fulfill his ambition to master the world of wizards and humans.
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10. The richest man in Babylon

The pages of the book The Richest Man in Babylon take us back to the ancient kingdom of Babylon, the cradle of the financial fundamentals that modern man has now inherited and applied on the planet. Around the world. The book is about the successes and achievements of each individual living in ancient Babylon. From there, help people better understand financial matters and offer strategies and methods of getting rich. These tips help you appreciate the value of money, and teach you how to follow financial principles.
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