Top 10 unsolved mysterious phenomena - Part 2

Although science is very developed, it still cannot explain many strange phenomena of nature. Part 1 here.

1. Red light

Two Russian pilots reported seeing a red halo below the Pacific Ocean. 5 hours after taking off from Hong Kong (China) to Alaska, a light suddenly appeared in the distance.

Not long after, they saw a red-orange halo appear again. No storms were detected in the area at the time.

2. Dead fish in Norway

In 2012, thousands of herring covered the northern coast of Norway and then suddenly disappeared.

The number of fish disappeared before an official count was made. The figure is estimated up to 20 tons.

3. The rain of blue balls

After a storm occurred in England, tiny blue balls fell from the sky.

Witnesses said the spheres had an outer shell and a soft core. They are odorless, non-sticky, and do not melt.

4. Cloudy Panama City

On the same day as a rare snowstorm in Libya in 2012, a strange wave of clouds resembling a tidal wave took over the entire Panama City beach.

Many extreme theories have been put forward, but no one can explain this ghostly phenomenon.

5. Mysterious noises

In 2012, residents of Costa Rica were awakened by a strange sound in the sky early in the morning. Many people contacted the local authorities about the mysterious sound.

6. The rock is filled with diamonds

A mysterious rock containing about 30,000 rough diamonds of all kinds has been found in Russia.

Despite spending time researching, scientists still cannot explain the origin and cause of this super rare rock.

7. Beach "missing"

The entire sandbar in Porthleven (Cornwall, England) has mysteriously disappeared after an irregular tide.

However, after another high tide, almost all the sand "returned".

8. Frangokastello Castle

Crete is known for the world's only recorded time illusion. Every year, around the end of May, silhouettes of armed hikers and horsemen travel from the monastery of Agios Charalambos to the fortress of Frangokastello. This phenomenon is observed in the early morning when the sea is calm and the air humidity is high and lasts about 10 minutes. The German forces occupying these lands almost went mad with fear and began firing at the illusion.

9. Czech Catacombs

Legend says that the sound of an organ came from the Czech catacombs. In 1996, scientists recorded them. The tunnel was 30 feet deep and there wasn't a single room that could fit an instrument of that size around. Psychologists also examined eyewitnesses present to rule out the popular hallucinogenic theory. However, the main phenomenon found is "Shining corridor". Specimens showed no phosphorus in them. At first glance, this corridor was quite ordinary, but soon it began to emit a red-orange light.

10. Dolmens

Huge ancient stone slabs that form a "table" are found in different places on our planet. Archaeologists consider them to be the tombs of ancient priests. Dolmens - tombs made from megaliths (large stones) with only one compartment, usually consisting of at least three upright stones supporting a large, flat, horizontal stone) change the clock speed and cause Other devices are not working properly.
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