Top 10 unsolved mysterious phenomena

Although science is very developed, it still cannot explain many strange phenomena of nature.

1. Millions of jellyfish disappeared

Located on Eil Malk Island in Palau, Jellyfish Lake is a seawater lake connected to the oceans through a network of cracks and tunnels. Every day, millions of jellyfish move into the lake, but from 1998 to 2000, it was impossible to find any jellyfish here.

There are many theories about the cause of this phenomenon, but scientists have yet to find a satisfactory answer.

2. Round tape

Round ice, also known as ice disc or ice pan, is a very rare natural phenomenon that occurs when water moves slowly at freezing temperatures.

Scientists don't know exactly how these ice discs form, but it's possible they form in eddies where thin sheets of ice spin and gradually stick together. The diameter of the circle can vary greatly from just a few feet to 50 feet (more than 15 meters).

3. Storm Saturn

In 2013, a massive storm was detected on Saturn's surface by a NASA spacecraft orbiting the planet. The eye of the storm was about 1,250 miles (2,000 km) in diameter with a cloud-like speed of 530 kilometers per hour.

On Earth, hurricanes are formed by warm currents rising from the ocean, but on Saturn there are no seas. Therefore, the cause of creating such a giant storm cannot be explained.

4. Animal rain

There have been many strange recorded cases of animals falling from the sky. In the summer of 2000 in Ethiopia millions of fish, both living and dead, poured down like a downpour that annoyed the indigenous people. Most of the "animal rains" are attributed to tornadoes or large storms that are capable of sucking water from rivers with large schools of fish as victims.

However, this hypothesis still challenges the scientific community because almost every rain like this is unique to only one type of animal such as warblers, frogs or birds. It seems that this phenomenon is not spontaneously caused by nature.

5. The land of silence

The desert area of Bolson de Mapimi, Mexico is known as a silent land with many mysterious phenomena related to radio waves. In 1970, the US military base in Utah launched a missile test, but it immediately deviated and crashed into the desert.

It is said that the rocket was contaminated with radiation. It is said that no radio, TV, shortwave, or satellite signals can enter the area. It is also reported that many yellow humanoid creatures have appeared in the area.

6. Volcano signal light

Scientists discovered that before a volcano erupts, there are often warning flashes of light. The theory is that the positively charged ash molecules released to the outside were quickly "charged" so they shot up into the air.

7. Whale song

Like cats, the singing of humpback whales has been studied for years by researchers who can only speculate that they sing to attract mates during the breeding season.

8. Origin of the universe

In the modern world, the Big Bang theory is the cosmological model that explains the birth of the universe from a singularity. It says that at a time about 14 billion years ago, space was compressed in a single point after which the universe expanded at the speed of light.

However, this theory does not provide any explanation for the period before the Big Bang, what existed in the beginning remains the most enigmatic question today.

9. The stones move by themselves

Death Valley is a long, narrow valley in the eastern region of the Mojave Desert, California. This is also the land with the lowest terrain, the driest and hottest climate in North America. Prominent here is a large, dry lake with rocks (up to 320kg) capable of moving on their own and leaving behind long trails on the cracked ground.

Many theories have been put forward to explain the movement of rocks such as due to the influence of magnetic fields, whirlwinds, layers of slippery algae, thin ice or even the involvement of extraterrestrial beings. Soil.

However, the phenomenon of moving stones in the area of ​​the valley of death has remained a mysterious problem that has not been solved for many years.

10. the By-the-Wind Sailor

Billions of microorganisms known as "the By-the-Wind Sailor" have washed up on the West Coast.

These blue sea creatures have washed up in great numbers, in the billions. No one understands what happened and no one knows where it came from.
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