Top 10 proofs of aliens are real - Part 2

Practical evidence of the existence of aliens. - part 1 here.

1. Night air battle between UFO and fighter

During a night flight, Lieutenant Goldman, a World War II air war veteran, noticed an unidentified flying object (UFO) flashing with another reconnaissance aircraft. He immediately pursued it, engaging in a mid-air dogfight, but discovered the enemy's diversion was far beyond the limits of humanity and its high performance far exceeded the capabilities of a fighter jet.

After that, Goldman continued to chase the UFO to 25 miles southwest of Fargo, he discovered the enemy at an altitude of about 3.3km, so he lowered his speed at full speed, the opponent immediately flew up in a straight line. stand. Finally, the UFO completely disappeared from view of Goldman, he had to give up and turn around, back to the airport at 9:27 am.
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2. Found matter not found on Earth

'Duc Ling Cap alien site' is located near Bach Cong mountain, 40km southwest of Duc Linh Cap, the capital of Qaidam, Qinghai province, China. Because in this place, some things are found that are not supposed to come from Earth, and there are also some strange phenomena that make people think that this is where the aliens once stopped. On the contrary, it is called "Duc Lenh Cap's alien site".

A large amount of iron oxide components were found in the iron pipes at the 'Duc Lingca Alien Site', indicating that most of the iron pipes were made of iron. But there are 8% of the elements that do not come from Earth, moreover in the 'Duc Ling Ha alien site' the air is very thin, to say that the iron pipelines built by humans at that time are very far-fetched. no wonder, because a place like this can't make iron at all. Experts say that 8% of this element could come from aliens, or from the deep ocean, or from the underground world.
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3. Declassified UFO documents from the US government

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released alarming details of dozens of UFO sightings by pilots. The document was obtained by a UFO researcher under a Freedom of Information Act request and is posted on the 'Black Vault' Web site.

This detailed report covers more than 60 sightings of UFOs, or Unknown Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), from January 1, 2008 to present, and all of which have been reported by airline personnel. through training firsthand seen recorded.
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4. F-89 fighter pilot

On the afternoon of November 23, 1953, the radar of the US air defense force caught a strange target moving at a speed of nearly 800km/h above Lake Superior, which is the border lake between Canada and the United States.

At this time, Lieutenant Felix Moncla was on duty at Kinross Air Force Base in Michigan, when he received an order to sort out this unidentified flying object (UFO). Felix flies an F-89 Fighter on a mission, to support him there are ground radar stations that continuously report the situation of UFOs.

The ground radar control station tracking Felix's flight reported: Felix's plane was traveling at 500 mph (about 800 km/h), coming very close to the UFO at an altitude of more than 2,130 meters, when Felix approached. After getting UFO, both "suddenly disappeared".

A rescue team was then dispatched to search for Felix and his plane, but they reported no wreckage or signs of a collision. Subsequent searches also yielded no results.
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5. 'Smoldering UFO' has repeatedly appeared in European airspace

During World War II, many European fighter pilots encountered UFOs that had more speed and mobility than any human flying object. What these UFOs give off is like scorching light. At the time, it was nicknamed the "Fighter Flame" by pilots.

On the night of November 1944, several pilots in the airspace over Western Europe reported that they had seen several extremely fast circular objects following them. UFOs are often described by eyewitnesses as glowing red, orange or white, and looking like they're burning, when they gather they look like Christmas tree lights.

In 1952, Sergeant Roland Hughes, a British Royal Air Force fighter pilot, was on a training mission over West Germany when a UFO suddenly appeared and flew past him and then disappeared. Mark.
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6. The mystery of the alien pilot "Skinny Bob" was captured by the Soviet KGB

Some UFO enthusiasts consider the video of an "alien entity" recorded by Soviet scientists to be the clearest glimpse of aliens.

Of all the videos that are said to be "evidence" of aliens visiting Earth, none is as difficult to explain or creepy as a short clip of aliens called "Skinny Bob" .

The video, first posted on Reddit in 2011 by an anonymous user named Ivan 0135, allegedly shows the Soviet Union's National Security Committee (KGB) recording a spacecraft from the Zeta star system. Reticuli landed 40 light years away in Russia.
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7. UFO crashed on Phoenix Mountain

A UFO incident happened in Heilongjiang that shocked China, involving a lot of people, there were many mysterious phenomena that no one could understand, such as aliens emitting strong light that made people kiss. fascination, a giant tornado enveloped the UFO. All the signs and doubts, making the truth of the case all the more attractive.
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8. A couples abducted by aliens

Curious about a strange light moving, they used binoculars to observe. It has the shape of a plate, rows of windows emit colored light, on the window like a shadow..., they were so scared that they immediately drove away, but it was too late...

There is a Hill couple in America, they live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. Husband Barney Hill is an American Representative and wife Betty Hill is a social worker and community leader for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

When the Hill couple travel to Canada on vacation, they encounter a sudden abduction by UFO aliens.
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9. Alien autopsy report

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, who worked in the Overseas Technology Division of the Pentagon's Army Research and Development Agency, had access to a variety of classified alien-related documents. He gave some very unique descriptions of it.

Lieutenant Colonel Corso, speaking of the alien autopsies, recalls: “At the military base at Fort Riley, Kansas, I had a great experience, but gradually forgot about it. Then, when I saw the classified documents General Trudeau received in the Pentagon office, I began to recall it. These documents are fully documented in Walter – Alien Anatomy Records at Reed Military Hospital.”

Attached to these documents were photographs of the nearly identical creatures Lieutenant Colonel Corso had seen in the hospital. It's just that compared to the alien body that Lieutenant Colonel Corso saw at that time, the degree of decomposition in the photo is more serious, there are lesions everywhere. The autopsy report described it as follows: “The hearts and lungs of these creatures were much larger than those of humans, especially their bones, although smaller than humans, were much stronger than those of humans. People."

The bones, skin and internal organs of aliens are different in atomic structure than ours. “Although the heart has severely rotted, it is different from humans, in addition to its function of transporting blood as a pump, it also has a reserve function. In addition, the alien lung is unusually large because it has a storage function that can capture a large amount of air, which can be saved for use in an emergency."

In addition, their hearts and lungs are much larger than humans, which means their metabolism is slower. That is, their time progress may be slower than ours. It can be said that this is because it can adapt to extremely long distance space flight. Bone flexibility can be explained by its ability to withstand extreme gravity.
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10. Belgium: F-16 fighter jets chase 4 UFOs in the night

On November 29, 1989, more than 30 groups of witnesses and three police teams in Belgium reported seeing a large unidentified object flying at low altitude. This UFO has a flat triangle shape, the surface below emitting light like a lamp. It flew over Belgium without emitting any sound, people continued to track the whereabouts of the UFO and discovered it was moving from the city center of Liege, Belgium to the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

Circumstances that pushed this event to a climax occurred on the night of March 30-31, 1990, when a strange object detected by radar that night appeared. The Belgian Air Force then dispatched two F-16 fighter jets to pursue it, and an estimated 13,500 people witnessed the process. With 2,600 people reporting details of what they saw, the Belgian Air Force also issued an incident report following the incident, as follows:

At around 11 p.m. on March 30, the management of the Control Reporting Center in Krones received a report that there were three anomalous lights headed in front of Dulumbe-Leuble, southeast of Brussels. These bright spots are brighter than stars, and their color constantly changes between red, green, and yellow. At the same time they appear to be fixed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle object.

The Klone Control Reporting Center sent a request to Wavre's gendarmerie to send a patrol to check for UFO sightings. After 10 minutes, the second group of bright spots was seen moving towards the first triangular object. Wavre's gendarmerie confirmed the initial sighting, and Krones' control reporting center was able to detect its presence on radar. During this time, after the blobs undergo irregular transformations, the second group of blobs turns into a triangle of smaller volume.

When people tracked the target and received radar confirmation from the traffic control center in Semosak, two F-16 fighter jets were dispatched from Beaufuchamp Air Base just before midnight, while two groups of bright spots are still relatively fixed to each other, moving slowly in the air. In addition, eyewitnesses reported that the two bright spots moving towards the city of Egerze had an anomaly similar to that of the second group of bright spots.

The two F-16s then attempted nine separate interceptions, followed by three successful radar blockades lasting several seconds, but because the target rapidly changed position and speed, escaped. lockdown. During the first radar blockade, the UFO immediately accelerated from 240km/h to 1,700km/h, and dropped to an altitude of 1,200m in less than 2 seconds. Then, when it was about to hit the ground, in a flash it climbed to 3,350m and escaped the radar blockade in the same way.
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