Top 10 proofs of aliens are real

Practical evidence of the existence of aliens.

1. 18 aliens cooperate with America

Boyd Bushman, who died in August 2014, was a leading American scientist who worked at the secret Area 51 base. He claimed to be able to prove the existence of aliens, also made a documentary about his daily life in Area 51.

Because of his terminal illness, Boyd boldly revealed the inside of Area 51, because he feared that when he died, the truth would be completely buried. Boyd describes aliens about 4.5 or 5 feet tall, with long fingers and webbed feet. They traveled from alien planets to Earth in UFOs over a period of 45 years. 18 aliens have cooperated with US authorities. The Air Force Base in Southern Nevada has ties to aliens.
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2. A man was abducted by aliens 60 times

British media reported that Russ Kellett, a 58-year-old man from Filey, a seaside town in North Yorkshire, England, revealed to the media earlier that he had been abducted by aliens. at least 60 times, the first time was when he was 16 years old.

At that time, he was riding his motorbike home, but suddenly he came across a tunnel that he had never seen before. When he woke up, he found himself in what looked like a dentist's operating room, surrounded by several 15-foot-tall alien creatures that looked like toothless vampires.
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3. Alien corpse in Aurora

On April 19, 1897, the "Dallas Morning News" published an article by Haydn describing the UFO crash in Aurora. It was still a few years before the Wright brothers successfully accomplished the feat of flying and became the inventors of the modern airplane, so people don't know how humans can soar into the sky, but they do. witnessed an unimaginable scene.

Early in the morning of April 17, 1897, a huge cigar-shaped flying object suddenly appeared in the sky above Castle Worth, suburb of Aurora, USA, UFO seemed to lose control and crashed straight into a windmill. old on Judge Proctor's ranch. The big accident attracted a lot of locals to find out, the body of a small skinny creature was found in the wreckage of the UFO, which had been severely deformed, so it had lost any signs of life. living.

Locals buried the body in the town cemetery according to Christian funeral rites, and covered it with small stones. As for the UFO debris, it was transported to a nearby well and discarded.
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4. 50 UFOs appear at the same time

Robert Dean is an American UFO scholar and retired Army Major who served at Supreme Allied European Command during the 1960s.

Dean claims to have seen a secret document called "Predictions" in 1964 while serving in Supreme Allied Command in Europe, which documented the possibility of "aliens" posing a threat. military for the Allies, and all this began in 1963.

In February 1961, up to 50 UFOs appeared on the radar, they flew from the Soviet Union to the United States, Europe and other places, at a position of nearly 3,000m. But the Soviet Union at that time was closing the border, making people think that "war" had begun. The fear of war was over at that point, but fortunately neither side opened fire in the end, and the unidentified objects disappeared after 9 minutes, which is when Dean made the most UFO observations.
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5. Psychic Ron Halliday

The 'Scoscottish Daily Express' reported on October 28, Ron Halliday is a Scottish paranormal investigator who has spent his life studying UFOs, aliens and other strange phenomena. He was once amazed at the abilities of psychic Ray Tod, living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In the book 'Alien Souls?', Halliday reveals her strange experience meeting and collaborating with Tod in the 1990s, and these experiences are the main content of the book.
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6. UFO flies over densely populated area of Argentina

On December 26, 1988, a large-scale UFO sighting occurred in the town of Urquiza, a densely populated area of Buenos Aires.

On a bright day after noon, a silver UFO flew over Urquiza. The local airport reported a flying object to the west, it was moving on radar seemingly heading for the highway.

With more than 7,500 witnesses, the event is the most publicized UFO sighting in Argentina.
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7. Huge UFO crashes into the harbor

People on planes and ships saw firsthand unidentified objects (UFOs) in the air, and then crowds of people saw glowing objects flying towards the harbor and into the sea. The government, private sector and the Atlantic Fleet's diving unit sent people to search the seabed, but they could not find any traces. The giant UFO disappeared like that in the vast sea.
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8. American woman abducted by aliens

In 2010, the American press reported that a 35-year-old woman suddenly appeared on a highway in Idaho, claiming to be Ann Katarina, who went missing 136 years ago. Ann Katarina was born in a small American town in 1839, but unfortunately suddenly disappeared in 1874. According to her own account, she was abducted by aliens to an alien planet where She has lived for more than 130 years.

At the same time, there is a puzzling phenomenon, that is, the clothes on her body are still the clothes she wore when she disappeared in 1874. After 136 years, Katarina's face is still the same as at 35 years old, the clothes do not get old. little bit. Ann Katarina says that she has undergone various medical examinations and experiments since she was sent to the alien planet, and time seems to have stopped.
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9. Ancient books more than 300 years ago reveal the existence of aliens

According to the BBC and the Daily Mirror, a book published in 1698 by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens was recently discovered by Jim Spencer, a book appraiser in Gloucestershire, England.

The book is titled The Celestial World Discover'd: Or, Conjectures Concerning the Inhabitants, Plants and Productions of the Worlds in the Planets. Plants and Production on the planets.)
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10. Battle between aliens and special forces

Philip Schneider, a geologist and engineer employed by the US government with a high-security license, was involved in the construction of a military base deep underground called DUMBS. In 1979, Schneider was working in an extremely secret underground base in the Jicarilla Apache reserve in New Mexico, near the border towns of Dulce, New Mexico and Colorado. His mission at that time was to examine rock samples and propose an explosion plan.

At the time, Schneider said he started drilling holes in the underground base, just like he would work at any other base. But this time, the borehole gave off a pungent smell like burning garbage. He then opens an artificial cave and encounters ash-gray, full-bodied aliens. As he turned around, Schneider said, he was confronted by a "grey, seven-foot-tall, stinking alien." And a total of 3 aliens were discovered. Schneider immediately picked up the pistol and knocked out two of them. A third alien blew off some of his fingers with a laser. Soon after, a green beret sacrificed himself to save Schneider's life.

Soon the melee turned into an all-out war. The troops of the garrison reacted immediately, firing all their fire at the aliens. The aliens responded by shooting blue radiation lasers with their hands. This type of laser weapon completely defeated the special forces soldiers. Eventually the aliens retreated deeper into the base. The war between humans and aliens resulted in the deaths of more than 60 people, including soldiers.

Schneider was injured by an alien blue light, which exploded his fingers, scarred his chest, and radiation caused him to develop cancer later on. In photographs of Schneider's speech that followed, it can be seen that his left hand has lost two fingers.

After this battle, the official made a clear request to remain silent and keep the secret. However, after all this, Schneider decided to expose it at all costs. Schneider began giving numerous public speeches in 1995, revealing the US government's black budget for covert programs, UFOs, and his own experience at the Dulce base.
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