Top 10 interesting facts about life around us

Life is full of interesting things that you may not know. Let's explore together.

1. Color of goldfish

If you put the goldfish in a dark room, its color will fade.

2. Flower

The flowers will bloom faster if they are listened to music.

3. Duck

A newly hatched duck will consider whoever it sees first as its mother.

4. IQ and dreams

According to research, people with higher IQ will dream more.

5. Pirate's eyes

Pirates often cover one of their eyes to improve their night vision

6. Ostrich brain

The ostrich's brain is smaller than its eyes.

7. Emu bird

In 1932, the Australian army fought a flock of Emu birds, the results were in favor of the birds.

8. Glass ball

A glass ball can bounce higher than a rubber ball, if it doesn't break.

9. Thorn necklace

The thorn necklace was invented in Egypt to protect the donkeys from attack by wolves.

10. Pyramid workers

New discovery reveals that pyramid builders were not slaves, they were well paid and well cared for.
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