10 extinct animals that scientists want to bring back to life

We are living in an era where science can turn back the clock, and similar to a series of movies, extinct and lost animals in the world may appear... There are more extinct animal species than those currently living on Earth, which makes us even more curious about their lives. It's no wonder we can't get enough of the Jurassic Park movies. Luckily, we live in an age where science can turn back the clock, and similar to the aforementioned series, have made extinct some of the world's lost species.

1. Woolly mammoth

Size: The elephant's shoulder height reaches about 8.9 feet and 11.2 feet with a weight of up to 6 tons.

Origin: East Asia

Extinct: 4,000 years ago

Closest relative: African elephant
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2. Quagga

Size: approximately 8'5 feet long and 4'5 feet tall

Origin: South Africa

Extinct: the late 19th century

Closest living relative: zebra
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3. Elephant bird

Size: stands at 9.8 feet tall and weighs 1,600 pounds

Origin: Madagascar

Extinct: about 1000 CE to 1200 CE

Closest relative: kiwi
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4. Baiji

Size: Males are about 7.5 feet long while females can grow to 8'2.

From China

Extinct: 2002

Relatives: Chinese white dolphins

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5. Glyptodont

Dimensions: 12 feet long and 1.5 feet high

Origin: North and South America

Extinct: 8,000 to 7,000 years ago

Closest living relative: armadillos
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6. Pyrenean ibex

Size: 5 feet long and 30 inches at the shoulder

Origin: Southwest Europe

Extinct: last living Pyrenean ibex was born in 2003 but died 7 minutes later due to a lung defect.

Relatives: wild mountain goats
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7. Dodo

Size: About 3.3 feet tall

Origin: Mauritius

Extinct: in the 17th century

Relatives: the Nicobar pigeon
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8. Tasmanian tiger

Size: 39 inches to 51 inches long and 24 inches high

Origin: New Guinea and Australia

Extinct: in the twentieth century

Closest living relatives: Tasmanian devil and pangolin
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9. Ground sloth

Size: Nearly 20 feet long and weighs up to 6,600 pounds

Origin: South America

Extinct: about 11,000 years ago

Closest relative: Sloth
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10. Saber tooth tiger

Size: The largest species weighs from 485 lb to 961 lb and is 39 inches tall.

Origin: North and South America

Extinct: 10,000 years ago

Closest living relative: tiger
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