Top 10 cute and easy-to-raise pets

The easiest pets to help you stay with you every day, share all the joys and sorrows as well as accompany you on the long way? Let's learn about pets that are both easy to raise and most cost-effective with SmartCms.

1. Hamster

Rats are one of the easiest animals to keep and are chosen by many as a family pet. They have a small, lovely body that is popular and hard to resist.

Hamsters have many types and colors such as black, gray, yellow, white, pure white, golden...). They are omnivores, so they are easy to keep. Some foods that they can devour every day such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, nuts such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rice seeds, corn kernels, chestnuts, millet ... even baby cheese laughing cows, cakes, candies, popcorn and fruits.
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2. Rabbit

Why are rabbits one of the easiest pets to keep? Simply because they are very gluttonous, they can eat many different things and also do not cost as much as other pets. They can eat foods such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, legumes, bran, rice...

The appropriate temperature for raising rabbits is about 16-21 degrees Celsius, the rabbit cage is large and airy to ensure that they can eat, lie, and sleep most comfortably. They also need an enclosed space to sleep and rest. Raising rabbits you should give them a space just enough for them to move, run and jump playfully.
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3. Parrot bird

Raising parrots is amazing. Parrots are classified as easy pets, they are very playful, active and especially intelligent. In particular, they live very long, the longest is about 80 years, they can be the ideal friend to stick with you for a lifetime.

Raising parrots is also very simple, just need food for them, a small cage. Once they get used to and become familiar they can fly and chirp all day long.
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4. Mink

The ferrets are in the family Mustelidae, they are very much like cats: independent, curious and playful. The ferret was once controversial as to whether this is one of the easiest pets to keep because they are wild animals? The answer is yes, they are very easy to raise and can be tamed. When raising them, you will be very surprised because this animal is very active and intelligent.

And if you consistently train them well, ferrets can become a loyal companion in your life. They are very mischievous and naughty, so if you keep them, sometimes you will also have a little "headache" because this pet often steals and hides things.
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5. Hedgehog

Ornamental hedgehog, also known as dwarf porcupine, African porcupine. This is an animal that has been tamed and has become a popular pet. They attract people with their funny and lovely appearance that makes many hearts flutter and melt.

The spikes on their back do not appear to be scary, but on the contrary are very much loved by many people because they are very special compared to other pets.
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6. Goldfish

Goldfish can be considered as one of the easiest pets to keep because they are easy to take care of. They also possess a small, beautiful and healthy appearance, so many people choose to keep them in the house. You just need to have a nice little fish tank, fish food. What you need to do is feed them daily and clean the aquarium regularly.
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7. Turtle

If you are the type of person who loves reptiles, turtles are one of the easy-to-keep pets that you can refer to. Turtles are easy to raise and take care of because they don't need to be fed every day. You only need to feed your turtles 4 to 5 times a week, the foods they love like insects, fish and dark green vegetables.

The key to good turtle care is to maintain the water temperature, keep the water clean, and feed them consistently. Especially turtles can live long, so they are a companion to go with you for a long time.
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8. Spider Tarantula

Compared to other animals, perhaps the spider is a pet that can cause a lot of fear for many people. However, spiders are still the choice of many reptile lovers. Tarantula spiders are one of the most suitable options because they are both easy to keep and have a beautiful coat with vibrant colors.

Tarantulas are easy to keep because they only need a suitable terrarium to be able to crawl around, they need to live in the dark, out of the sun. Favorite dishes such as crickets, mealworms, super worms and cockroaches...
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9. Gecko

In addition to spiders or turtles, geckos are also an extremely interesting pet that is fascinated by young people. A leopard gecko or chameleon has a docile, sociable nature. They also do not need much care, simple accommodation with a small tank and a normal diet of crickets and mealworms.

Not only that, these reptiles can live up to 20 years or more as pets, so they're perfect if you don't want to say goodbye to your animal too soon.
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10. Snake

Hearing this name, many people find it scary because when it comes to snakes, we often think they are poisonous and harm people. They are also not as common pets as dogs, cats or other cute animals.

However, many people who love reptiles are often attracted by harmless snakes such as corn snakes, milk snakes, persimmons, gopher snakes and ball pythons... They are quite docile and do not grow too fast. In terms of diet, these snakes mainly feed on rodents and can also find a tasty treat in quail eggs.
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