The 10 easy-to-grow dogs

Some dog breeds are easier to own than others. Ready to find the perfect dog? Check out 10 of the easiest dog breeds to own.

1. Tibetan Terrier

The Tibbie is a medium-sized dog who carries his tail over his back and has a profuse soft double coat that falls over the face. He was developed purely as a companion, and today remains an affectionate, intelligent, quiet and happy canine who is known to easily make friends with strangers. He is one of the most easy-going dog breeds and gets along well with children and other pets—a wonderful choice for the family dog.

2. Saint Bernard

This breed comes in short-haired and medium-length coat varieties. This powerful, stern-looking dog tends to be a slow learner who easily is distracted by scent. Most are mellow and make great family pets, but because of their size, they may inadvertently hurt a small child simply by sitting on them.

3. Newfoundland

The “Newfie” is another mastiff dog who is loyal, intelligent and, above all, sweet of temper. He is the quintessential child’s playmate and guardian, and an excellent family pet. Exercise is important—especially swimming, which the Newfie loves.

4. Mastiff

This giant breed weighs up to 200 pounds. Despite her courage and off-putting appearance, the Bullmastiff is a calm dog breed and a good-natured, laid-back, docile dog who maintains a perpetual air of dignity. She is very protective, and though affectionate with the family children, may be suspicious of their friends.

5. Labrador Retriever

Their high intelligence and willingness to please make Labrador Retrievers great hunters on the field, ideal companions at home, excellent service dogs to help guide the blind, and successful search-and-rescue partners. These gregarious dogs love just about everyone—kids, adults, strangers, even burglars (they aren’t great watchdogs). They are highly trainable but can be a bit pushy with their affection.

6. Irish Setter

This dog’s handsome, moderately long coat comes in solid mahogany to rich chestnut red. An Irish Setter is described as clown-like for his love of play, he’s an outgoing, happy dog who often takes longer to mature and is known to remain devoted to his people. Slower to learn than some, the Irish makes a fine family pet.

7. Greyhound

Despite her aristocratic heritage and bearing, the Greyhound is a lovable, easy-going, sensitive dog who makes a great pet. Like most sighthounds, Greyhounds can be reserved with strangers and learn best with patient, slow training. She can adapt well even to apartment life as long as she has a good outlet for running.

8. Great Dane

Despite his imposing appearance, Great Danes are friendly, dependable animals who are spirited and slow to learn, but willing to please. Their short, easy-care coats come in brindle, fawn, blue and harlequin. Danes typically love their own children but may be suspicious of neighborhood kids and other strangers.

9. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is essentially a toy Bulldog with large bat ears. This medium-sized, short-coated pup and is very muscular. The Frenchie is a happy, gregarious breed who makes friends easily. A quiet dog, she requires minimal exercise and is ideal for apartment life. She tolerates polite children well.

10. Bulldog

A massive yet compact dog of small but impressive and dignified stature, the Bulldog’s fierce expression belies the breed’s kind and affectionate nature. The Bulldog is an extremely lovable and friendly dog who doesn’t know his own strength and can bowl over the unprepared with his enthusiastic greeting.
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