10 mysterious phenomena of God

With the advancement of science, many of these strange things have been given scientific explanations. However, no matter how much science develops, there are still many extraordinary facts that cannot be answered, and the belief in paranormal events continues… Here are some of the most difficult to explain mysterious God phenomena in history:

1. Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most famous relics in history. This shroud is believed to be the burial of Jesus, and bears the image of the Lord's face. Early studies indicate that some parts of the shroud date back to the Middle Ages, which means this is a forgery. However, according to recent studies, this shroud dates to the period between 280 BC and 220 AD and is also the time of the Lord's life.
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2. The body is not rotting

Many saints after death, their bodies not only did not decay, but also gave off a very sweet, planty scent, and this was said to be a sign of holiness. For example, Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who died between 1879 and 1909, a bishop exhumed her body, and discovered that the saint's body had not rotted at all. Currently, Saint Bernadette Soubirous is on display at St. Bernadette in France.

Or the body of Saint Giovanni da Triora is placed under the altar of Heaven of the church of Saint Mary in Rome. For many years, the body showed no signs of decomposition, making many people find it hard to believe.

The Catholic Church believes that the reason saints' bodies do not decompose after their death is because God gave them a miracle. This answer is not accepted by the scientific community. Therefore, experts continue research projects to find the answer soon.
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3. Virgin Mary

In 1988, people in Zeitoun district (Cairo, Egypt) saw a dazzling figure of a woman walking on the roof of a church. Many people have assumed that this is the presence of the Virgin Mary. The event was even captured by viewers. And so far there has been no evidence to prove that these photos have been edited.
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4. Weeping statue

In 1973, a small statue in Akita Church (Japan) bled right after the nun Agnes Sasagawa in the church saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary. This statue continued to sweat and bleed for a few years afterward, and was even featured on television. Sister Agnes, who was deaf, 10 years after meeting the Virgin Mary, was completely able to hear like a normal person.

This strange phenomenon is not unique to Japan. A painting of Jesus Christ at the church in Bethlehem (Palestine), where Jesus was born, often crying blood.
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5. Mysterious wound

Many people over the past hundred years have claimed that they have been engraved with the seal of God (the mark of the crucifixion of God that devotees claim to appear on some saints). This phenomenon began to appear from the time of Saint Francis (1186 - 1226), and since then many other saints have been engraved with the sign of God. A typical example is the case of blood flowing on the hand of Saint Pio (1887-1968), however, many people believe that Saint Pio injured himself with acid.
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6. Floating state

It is said that in the 1600s, Saint Joseph fell into a coma several times and lay suspended in the air even in crowds. He experienced this state once right in front of Pope Urban VIII. Therefore, this mysterious figure becomes the patron saint of pilots, astronauts, and air travelers in general. However, now science believes that Saint Joseph's floating state is nothing more than an illusion of man.
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7. Januarius' blood

The Church of Naples (Italy) has hidden a vial of blood from the time of Saint Januarius. The blood of Saint Januarius was kept by a woman named Eusebia after his death.

The blood in the vial stays mostly dry throughout the year. However, on three days: September 19, December 16, and the Saturday before the first Sunday of May (both commemorations of the life of Saint Januarius), the blood in the vial turns itself into a liquid. mysteriously.
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8. Painting of the Virgin Mary

In 1531, a farmer named Juan Diego claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary in a field near Mexico City, asked him to build a church of Our Lady and pick flowers on the hillside.

This man did as he was told, picked flowers and put them in his coat. Later, this cloak was discovered to contain the mark of the Virgin Mary. The strange thing is that no one has been able to explain whether the picture in the shirt is painted or painted with any other material, because until now, the painting of the Virgin Mary is still intact and has not been faded.
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9. Miracle of the Sun

In 1917, shepherd children in Fatima (Portugal) reported that the Virgin Mary appeared to them and told them that a strange event would happen on October 13 of that year. Thousands of people came to watch, and the media at that time also covered a lot about this phenomenon.

Around midday on a rainy day, the sun appeared as a disk, and spiraled straight toward the earth.

By 1930, the church had officially recognized the 1917 solar event as a sacred phenomenon. However, skeptical scientists have always assumed it was just a flash of light that usually appears around the sun, and pointed out that not everyone that day was able to see the phenomenon.
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10. Apocalypse

In 1981, in a small town called Medjugorje, located in what is now Bosnia, six children were said to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary. For many years after that, they all received strange messages every day, and until now, they have received thousands of prophecies.

One of the predictions said that "There are 10 secrets that will reveal the end of the world".

In 2010, the Vatican had to open an investigation into this matter, but until now, the results of the investigation have not been released to the public.
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