List of 10 most terrifying "sea monsters" in prehistoric times

In the world there once existed extremely scary "sea monsters". Fortunately, most of them are extinct and today scientists can only find their fossils.

1. Megalodon super shark

Megalodon is a giant super shark that lived in the prehistoric period of the late Oligocene and Neogene periods about 28-1.5 million years ago. This is the strongest shark and is much larger in size than today's great white sharks and is also a superior predator.
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2. Liopleurodon

Liopleurodon is a sea lizard with a length of up to 6m. They lived mainly in European waters during the Jurassic period. Its jaws can be up to 3 meters long, with extremely large teeth.

This lizard has the ability to hunt quickly and unexpectedly like a crocodile, making it one of the most terrifying sea monsters in the prehistoric world.
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3. Basilosaurus

Basilosaurus is the scientific name for a genus of whales that lived 40 to 34 million years ago during the late Eocene.

Its fossil remains were first discovered in the southern United States (Louisiana), and were initially considered to belong to some kind of reptilian sea monster, hence the scientific name. People added the suffix "saurus" (meaning lizard), but this was later found to be incorrect.
The average Basilosaurus was about 18 m long and was considered one of the largest animals of its time.
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4. Sea scorpion Jaekelopterus rhenaniae

With the same size as today's large crocodiles, Jaekelopterus rhenaniae was the most fearsome predator of its time. This scorpion hunts fish and cannibals its own species in shallow waters near the shore.
Fossils show that the giant prehistoric sea scorpion Jaekelopterus was 2.5 meters long. They are one of the two largest arthropods ever discovered.

It is known that this monster scorpion belonging to the Eurypterida group became extinct 250 million years ago.
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5. Mauisaurus

Mauisaurus is one of the prehistoric creatures that lived during the Cretaceous period about 80 to 69 million years ago. This is probably the largest ocean reptile in New Zealand waters, with a body length of more than 8 meters.
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6. Dunkleosteus

Dunkleosteus is an extinct genus of placoderms that existed during the late Devonian period, about 380–360 million years ago. Several species, such as D. terrelli, D. marsaisi, and D. magnificus, are among the largest placoderms that have ever existed.
The largest species, D. terrelli, can reach a length of 10 m and a mass of 3.6 tons, making it a super predator. Only a few other placoderms, such as the contemporaneous genus Titanichthys, can match or exceed the size of Dunkleosteus.
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7. Kronosaurus

Kronosaurus was the ultimate predator of the mid-Cretaceous period. Its length is up to 9 to 10 meters, weighing 7 tons, with a large head, strong jaws and teeth up to 7cm long, the largest one up to 30cm long.
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8. Helicoprion

Named "Helicoprion", this giant sea monster lived 250 million years ago. It weighs nearly half a ton and is nearly 8 meters long, bigger than any fish in the ocean.

This animal's body is very similar to a shark's except for its spirally arranged teeth - a heavy weapon with which it tears apart its prey.
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9. Livyatan melvillei

Livyatan melvillei, also known as the super sperm whale, is an extinct member of the prehistoric toothed whale order and is considered the largest toothed whale known. The giant teeth and large body size of this whale will make many people terrified when meeting them in the ocean.

The length of this ancient giant sperm whale is about 16.5 m to 21.5 m long. Its weight is still unknown but is estimated to be more than 70-120 tons.
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10. Giant Stingray

Prehistoric stingrays live in freshwater and brackish waters from the Mekong River to Northern Australia. They are believed to have appeared several million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs.
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