10 mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a fascinating subject in horror movies, but it is surrounded by true stories, not just products of movies.

1. 1918

A coal tanker named “Siklop” with 309 people, fully equipped with radio transceiver system.

But the ship went missing without any distress signal, and no trace of the disappearance could be found.

2. 1921

The story of the ghost ship Carol A.Deering is much more mysterious and scary. Because after being missing for a while, loading and unloading workers at the port of South Carolina (USA) discovered the ship drifted into the port.

When they boarded the ship to check, it was strange that there were no people or life on board, but the food on board was still hot.

3. 1926

A steamboat was discovered by Cuba and is believed to be the missing American cargo ship "SS Cotopaxi".
Previously, Cuban Coast Guard speedboats were sent to intercept a mysterious ghost ship, they reported that they did not detect any people on board.

They also found Captain Meyer's diary, thereby identifying the ship's identity, but without any information explaining the disappearance.

The ship had sent out an SOS signal before it disappeared, but the weak signal did not help much in the search.

4. 1936

A luxury Spanish ship with a length of 152 meters, while traveling from New York through Central America, ran aground and sank 16 meters below sea level.

5. 1938

A merchant ship named Mary Celestia carrying smuggled guns, ammunition and food supplies for American troops during the southern civil war sank while passing here.

It was not until 1872 that the wreck of the ship was discovered drifting freely off the coast of Portugal. The scary thing is that there is not a single sailor on the ship, but all items and objects are almost intact.

6. 1945

This is the most famous disappearance related to the Bermuda Triangle, this is at the end of World War II, when the US Navy's 19th squadron of 5 bombers went missing while flying over this dead sea.

Although they sent a very weak signal, the government was unable to investigate the clues of the disappearance afterwards. Worse yet, a plane of 13 rescuers suffered the same fate.

Until 1991, when the ship "Dip Si" was searching for a gold-carrying ship near the waters northeast of Phort-Loderdeila, it accidentally discovered the wreckage of these 5 planes.

Mysteriously, they discovered 4 of them lined up at a depth of 250 meters, the other 1 nautical mile away.

7. 1947

There is also a missing plane related to the Bermuda Triangle, the plane named "Superfort", this plane was able to send an emergency signal but all searches were in vain.

8. 1948

This year, there were 2 plane disappearances. One is a British aircraft "Star Tiger", the other is a passenger plane "DC-3", which also disappeared while flying from Puerto Rico to Miami (USA).

9. 1949

The "Star Ariel" plane disappeared without a trace 380 miles southwest of the Bermuda Triangle.

10. 1950

The Globemaster-style plane also evaporated over the northern part of the Bermuda Triangle. All attempts to search were in vain.
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