Top 7 strange creatures, many people won't believe they really exist

Every year, scientists discover between 15,000 and 18,000 new animal species, and not a few of them will make you believe your eyes.

1. Mouse deer

Mouse deer originate in Southeast Asia and are the smallest hoofed animals in the world, with the lightest weight, only about 1kg. They live alone or in pairs and eat almost exclusively plants.
In November 2019, conservation scientists announced that they had photographed silverback mouse deer in a Vietnamese forest for the first time since the last confirmed sighting in 1990.
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2. Leafy sea dragon

Leafy sea dragons, closely related to seahorses, are experts at camouflage, using their leaf-shaped body parts to hide in the surrounding flora. To move along the water, these sea dragons use two fins - one pectoral and one dorsal - so thin they are almost invisible.
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3. Black frog

Black frogs have a round body and short limbs and toes with a length of about 5cm. In particular, this frog species always keeps a frown on its face so it always looks angry.
Endemic to South Africa, the black frog lives at altitudes of more than 1,000m. It can burrow and create tunnels up to 15cm deep.

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4. Naked mole

One of the longest-living rodents in the world, naked mole rats can live up to 32 years, much longer than most other rodents.

Their mortality rate did not increase with age, they were highly resistant to cancer, and maintained healthy blood vessel function much longer than other mice. Although there is debate about how this species can live so long, some experts think it may be because their metabolism slows down during difficult times.
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5. Orchid mantis

Its name says it all, the orchid mantis looks like an orchid flower. It has petals like petals and is pinkish white or yellow in color. However, only females have this appearance.
According to the study, the females evolved to look like orchids because of their strategy of hunting pollinators. As ambush predators, orchid mantises hunt larger insects such as butterflies.

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6. Amazon giant earthworm

If you have acrophobia, you won't like this! Found in the Amazon rainforest, these giant earthworms come out during rainstorms.

As a member of the genus Martiodrilus, they can be about 1.5 meters long and weigh up to nearly half a kilogram. These slimy creatures have tiny hairs on their undersides that help them dig.
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7. African wild dog

African wild dogs have many other names such as "Cape hunting dogs", but they are not actually wolves or dogs. This dog has a very distinctive appearance with an irregular, speckled coat adorned with patches of red, brown, black, yellow and white fur. Each animal has its own unique pattern and they all have big round ears.
Unlike regular dogs that have five toes on their feet, African wild dogs have only four toes on each foot. They were once found throughout the African continent, but due to habitat loss, African wild dogs are now listed as an endangered species.
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