Top 10 weirdest creatures

The world of wildlife is extremely large, with more than 8 million species of creatures living on Earth. Surely it is not surprising that there are many species of creatures that you have never seen.

1. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Discovered in Venezuela in 2009, this moth has a very strange appearance, looks like a model of aliens, but has a poodle-like coat covering the head. , chest, abdomen and even wings.

2. Blue Dragon Glaucus Atlanticus

Possessing the scientific name Glaucus atlanticus, this species is often known with beautiful names such as blue angel, blue dragon ... but it is actually a species of sea slug, which has can be found in the warm waters of the ocean. It has a well-proportioned, slightly flattened body, with 6 appendages with radiating branches, which is very pleasing to the eye.
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3. Octopus Dumbo

The Dumbo octopus is a species of umbrella octopus, found almost all over the world. Its name comes from Disney's flying elephant cartoon character "Dumbo", mainly due to its ears and general appearance that are quite similar to an exotic elephant.

4. Macropinna microstoma fish

Macropinna microstoma is a fish that lives at depths of about 600 - 800 meters, and is almost always motionless underwater. Its appearance is extremely unusual, with a transparent, liquid-filled "dome" on top. Through it, it is even possible to see the iris and its internals.
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5. Irrawaddy Dolphins

The Irrawaddy Dolphin is an oceanic dolphin found mainly in the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. Its most unusual and notable feature is its very round head, and almost no protruding bill.
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6. Red lipped batfish

Despite being a fish, this "dandy" animal is actually a pretty bad swimmer. They are often found in the waters near the Galapagos Islands, when trying to use their pectoral fins to wade along the ocean floor.
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7. Panda ant

Although it looks like an ant with a mix of panda features, it is actually a form of wingless wasp. Panda ants have fairly thick fur, and they live for about 2 years.
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8. Honduran white bats

The Honduran white bat has a very distinctive white coat, unlike most other bat species, which is usually black to camouflage in the dark. Its head is also quite strange, with a nose shaped like a leaf.
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9. Japanese spider crab

Spider crabs live in the waters near Japan and have the largest stride of any arthropod, up to 5.5 meters. Despite its aggressive appearance, this crab is said to have a gentle personality.
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10. Snake penis

Dubbed the "penis snake" with a very misleading appearance, this creature is actually a Caecilian amphibian, scientific name Atretochoana eiselti, which is quite similar in appearance to snakes but not Legs, lungs are like earthworms, moving mainly based on hearing because the vision of this worm is very poor.
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