Top 10 strongest Pokemon in the world today

In the Pokémon universe (which spans across movies, TV shows, video games, books and more), there’s a wide range of types and regions that display the might of these creatures in their different forms. With its first generation back in 1996, Pokémon has been around for quite a while.

1. Giratina (680)

Both primitive and variable, Giratina has an impressive total basic index of 680. It is actually one of the 16 legendary pocket monsters, although due to its impressive combat flexibility, it is considered one of the more useful pocket monsters.
In its initial form, Pokemon focused on defense and had 120 physical and special defense levels. However, when it is imprisoned in a gray ball or in its own home, its attack and defense indicators will be changed.
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2. Ho-Oh (680)

Ho-Oh stands out as the first Legendary Pokemon to appear in the anime and is said to be the guardian of the sky and the owner of three Legendary Monsters. Many consider it the polar opposite of Lugia; which also boasts a base stat total of 680 but is instead the guardian of the seas and owner of three legendary Birds.
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3. Mewtwo (680)

Along with Rayquaza, Mewtwo is considered the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe, at least in terms of Mega Evolution. By default, their total cardinality is 680, but in an enhanced form, this number has risen to an impressive 780.
Although many other pocket monsters have super evolutionary abilities and benefit from 100 identical index points after evolution, Mewtwo and Rayquaza are still the two strongest pocket monsters with super evolutionary abilities. Mewtwo is one of the only two pocket monsters with two different forms of giant evolution, and the other is Charizard.
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4. Rayquaza (680)

Rayquaza may not be the fastest Pokemon, but it has the best physical and special attack scores (150). They account for almost half of the total basic index of pocket monsters (680), and with the upgrading of super evolution, they may rise to 780.
Rayquaza is a bit special because it is the only pocket monster that can evolve Mega without using items. On the contrary, pocket monsters can transform into their giant shapes by simply using the dragon's ascent. This is because Rakuza is believed to have consumed a large amount of meteorites, from which it can generate the energy required for transformation.
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5. Eternatus (690)

First introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Eternatus is an extremely powerful Pokemon with a base stat total of 690. It may not be the strongest in terms of stats, but it's worth noting when Eternatus is 1 of 2 Pokemon can achieve a higher total stat without using an item or a fusion technique.
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6. Kyurem (700)

In its Original form, Kyurem is slightly weaker than some other Legendary Pokemon due to having a base stat total of 660. However, when merged with Zekrom or Reshiram, this total stat increases to 700, making Kyurem Black and White became the strongest Pokemon that ever appeared at the time of their birth.
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7. Zygarde (708)

Zygarde is the 718th Pokemon to appear in both the 6th and 7th generations of Pokemon. It has 3 different shapes 10%, 50% and complete. With full form, Zygarde will have a total stats of 708 along with an impressive 216 health.
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8. Zacian (720)

As a hero in multiplayer combat, Zacian is actually a bit weaker than some other legendary Pokemon. However, when you pick up a rusty sword, its basic score will increase by 50 points, bringing it to an impressive 720 points.
This growth largely depends on its physical attack index, jumping from an already impressive 130 to a terrifying 170. Its speed has also increased to 148, making it one of the fastest and most powerful pocket monsters. Its defense indicators are also good, although its health is still very low, only 92.
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9. Zamazenta (720)

Like Zacian, Zamazenta starts from a total base of 670 and can increase to 720 with the help of holding items. However, Zamazenta does not require a rusty sword, but rather a rusty shield to transform into its crown shield shape.
Unlike the sword and companion shield of pocket monsters, the reward metrics obtained during the conversion process are more balanced. Its physical index and special defense index have both increased by 30%, but this must be balanced. Instead of increasing by 10, its speed index decreases; Reduce from 138 to 128, while using rusty shields.
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10. Arceus (720)

Not only is it stronger than most other Pokemon, but Arceus is also capable of defeating all opponents except their 6 Mega Evolutions. Arceus is a somewhat unique Pokemon in that it can change its type through the use of transformation plates, and this makes it incredibly versatile in battle. Its total base stats of 720 are also perfectly distributed among the 6 stats, so this Pokemon has almost no significant weaknesses.
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