Top 10 scary coincidence deaths

There are deaths full of unexpected and terrifying coincidences. The fate of those people seems to have been tied to the mission or the appearance and the end of a certain mission.

1. Even to death, still being struck by lightning

Major Summerford was an officer in the British Army. In February 1918, while in Flanders, Belgium, he was struck by a lightning bolt that paralyzed him from the waist down. In 1924, when he moved to Vancouver, Canada, lightning struck him again while he was on the riverbank. Two years later, he died, but this does not mean that he is free from the obsession with lightning. Four years after his death, his grave was destroyed by a lightning strike.

2. The accident happened just like in a horror novel

Edgar Allan Poe is a famous 19th century horror novelist.

One of his works, completed in 1838, entitled "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket", shocked the public because the content was strangely similar to the accident that occurred in 1884.

In his novel Edgar wrote about the adventures of young Arthur Gordon Pym. He smuggled tickets and boarded a mag whaler named Grampus. Unfortunately, the ship was wrecked due to the storm, only 4 people survived and were floating on a boat in extreme starvation. Finally, Arthur and 2 more people decided to kill a boy named Richard Parker to eat meat.

The same thing happened more than 40 years later, a large ship named Mignonette on its way from Southampton, England to Australia encountered a storm and sank in the South Atlantic Ocean and only 4 people survived: the crew. Dudley, his wife Edwin Stephens, Edmund Brooks and a boy also named Richard Parker.

After 19 days living on a boat, without food or water, Richard Parker drank seawater and fell into a coma. The rest of them killed and ate the boy with the excuse that he would die anyway and that he had no family.

3. Three times saved from death by the same monk

Joseph Matthäus Aigner (1818 - 1886) was a famous Austrian painter of the 19th century, but he was a very negative person and always wanted to find death.

The first time when he was 18 years old, he committed suicide by hanging but was saved by a monk at the Capuchin monastery (an old monastery in the capital Vienna) who did not know when to appear in time.

The second time, when he was 22 years old, he was hanged and again rescued by the same monk.

Eight years later, Joseph was sentenced to death by hanging for political activities against the government of the time. Then, strangely, thanks to the intervention of the savior Capuchin, he was acquitted.

However, Joseph finally succeeded in killing himself with a pistol when he was 68 years old and the person who brought him to eternity was none other than the Capuchin monk, whose name Joseph did not even know until his death.

4. The Crimes of Jean Marie Dubarry

If your name is Jean Marie Dubarry and you are French, you are more likely to… commit a crime? On February 13, 1746, a Frenchman named Jean Marie Dubarry was executed for the murder of his father. 100 years later, another Frenchman, Jean Marie Dubarry, was also executed for a similar crime on February 13, 1846. What an unbelievable coincidence.

5. Death of King Umberto

On June 28, 1890, King Umberto of Italy had dinner at a restaurant in Monza, Italy. There, he was shocked to learn that the owner of the restaurant looked exactly like him and was also named Umberto. More surprisingly, the restaurant owner's wife also shares the queen's name, Margherita. In addition, the restaurant was opened on the same day that King Umberto was crowned king of Italy.

On July 29, 1890, when King Umberto was informed that the owner of that restaurant had died in a mysterious accident, a few hours later, the king was also assassinated by an infiltrator in his crowd. stand.

6. Three generations in a family all died from lightning

In 1899, the scene of an Italian man suddenly being killed by lightning in the center of Piazza Taranto, Italy, shocked many people. Thirty years later, his son died in a similar way and in the same position as his father. On October 8, 1949, the grandson of the first man and the son of the second man died in the same way.

7. The name Claude Valbonne

In 1851, a man named Claude Volbonne killed a Frenchman named Baron Rodemire de Tarazone. In 1872, another man also named Claude Volbonne killed that Frenchman's son.

8. Greenberry Hill and the 3 killers

On November 26, 1911, three people were sentenced to hang for the murder of Sir Edmund Berry. The execution site was a landmark named Greenberry Hill. Coincidentally, their names are "Green", "Berry" and "Hill".

9. Terrible disaster happened just like a novel

In 1898, an anonymous novel was written by Morgan Roberton and it only came to attention when the legendary Titanic sank in 1911 because of the surprising coincidences that were discovered. The novel is about the voyage of a high-class transoceanic ship called the Titan and suffers the same tragic fate as the Titanic. The number of passengers and lifeboats in the story are similar to the actual numbers.

Later, Morgan Robertson also wrote a novel called "Beyond the Spectrum" to describe the future war with large planes and bombings. Later, the Japanese army declared war and bombed the island of Hawaii with the same development.

10. Twins die on the same street, on the same day, just 1 mile apart

In 2002 in Raahe, Finland, a pair of 70-year-old twin brothers died on the same street on the same day. They were all hit by a truck while cycling in a snowstorm. The older brother died only 2 hours before the younger brother and only 1.5 miles from where the younger brother died. The younger brother did not know about his brother's death because their family refused to report it to the press.
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