Top 10 scariest and most mysterious creatures in the world

Here are ten of the world's most terrifying and strange creatures. They appear to defy logic, inspire imagination and create fear.

1. Dover Demon

The creature was sighted three different times in the town of Dover, Massachusetts on April 21 and 22, 1977.

Based on its shape, it is speculated that the creature is an alien or just the result of some kind of scientific experiment, for example when humans came from another planet.

The appearance of the demon Dover is described as follows: a large watermelon-like head, bright orange eyes, long, slender arms and thin legs. It has no hair, rough, rough skin and is as brown as sandpaper.

The demon Dover lacks a lot of facial parts such as nose, ears, and mouth. It was about 90cm tall and it made terrifying sounds that sounded like the hiss of a hawk combined with a snake.
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2. Jersey Monster

The monster is said to have been seen by someone in Pine Barrens, Southern New Jersey, and there were stories about it from the 1800s until the early 20th century.

The Jersey Devil is depicted as a two-legged, clawed and flying animal. Their wings are like those of a bat and their head looks like a horse.

The legend about this monster is derived from the story of “Mother Leeds” – a local witch who summoned the devil while giving birth to her 13th child. When the baby is born, it immediately transforms into a monster and flies out to a nearby vineyard.

The Jersey monster is said to have destroyed many crops with strange footsteps and sounds. In the early 1900s, many people in New Jersey and surrounding countries claimed to have seen this monster with their own eyes, along with many evidences of its presence, especially strange and frightening footprints. scared for a lot of people.
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3. Flatwoods Monster

It is said that the Flatwoods monster is a number of aliens discovered. Some people see this animal floating in the air, but others see it resting on the ground in the town of Flatwoods, Braxton state, west Virginia on September 12, 1952.

According to what was recorded, it was an extremely large monster, at least 3m tall. Its face emits a red light while its body is green. Its head resembles a heart or ace in a deck of cards and on it protrude two large round eyes that are not human eyes.

But the body was shaped like a human in black clothes resembling a dress. Also according to the description, the Flatwoods monster has no arms or if so, short, fat arms with long claw-like fingers.
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4. Owl man

Mawnan, Cornwall in 1976 - is the first place where a creature known as an owl is believed to have been seen.

The first sighting was on April 17, 1976 when this creature was discovered hovering above the tower by worshiping Mawan with a scary face. And by August 1978, all the neighborhoods of this church were visible.

More surprisingly, this owl is the size of a human, has pointed ears, red eyes and claws like black pincers. Its body bears some resemblance to the famous Mothman monster with its large gray wings.

Interestingly, there have been many reports of strange flying objects or strange animals in the vicinity before the arrival of owls - this is similar to the case of the Mothman monster.
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5. Swamp Man

In the list of scary and strange animals, lizard people deserve a high place. It is thought to live in swampy areas in and around the town of Lee, south Carolina.

It was first seen by someone on June 29, 1988, and in a closer look, in February 1988. Lizardman is described as being about 2m tall, with two legs and a layer of green scales plus fiery red eyes.

According to some reports, lizard people had three toes on one foot and three toes on each hand. The tip of each tau has a circular membrane that gives him a firm grip when climbing walls or ceilings.

They have an extraordinary power and as evidenced by the damage of the vehicles of those unfortunate enough to encounter it. Lizardman has the ability to throw a car far away.

6. Demon Bunyip

For those born and raised in Australia, the Bunyip demon will be extremely familiar. Bunyip is a creature that appears a lot in Australian Aboriginal myths. They often hide in swamps, riverbeds and water holes.

Demon Bunyip is like a giant starfish walking on the earth. In the 19th century, there were many articles describing its face as a dog with black fur, and a pony tail. Its legs are like propellers, its fangs are like that of a hippopotamus, and it has horns or a bill like a duck's beak.

An article published in 1845 described the Australian demon Bunyip as follows:

“The Bunyip Devil is a unified combination of the characteristics of a bird and a crocodile. It has an ostrich-like head with a long beak, a transverse muscle protruding at the end of the beak, and a serrated mouth like the bones of a stingray. Its body and legs are a bit like a crocodile. The hind legs are thick and strong, the front legs are longer but still have great strength. They have very long claws, so the Negroes believe that if they want to kill them, the prey must hold it until it dies. When in the water, it swims like a frog and when walking on the shore, it uses its hind legs, its head is always held high, then, they are about 3.6m tall.
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7. Sigbin

Sigbin is a very scary creature from the Philippines, it often lurks in the dark at night and sucks the blood of its victims from their shadow - that's how to avoid being seen by other creatures. , especially humans.

The Sigbin is said to walk backwards with its head lowered between its hind legs. It has invisibility magic so humans are easy to deceive.

It resembles a goat but has no horns but only large ears that can flap like a pair of hands and has a flexible tail like a whip. In particular, Sigbin is said to emit a very disgusting smell. Sometimes they tend to wander around at night so they can eat babies alive.

In 2005, scientists in Borneo discovered a fox-like carnivore with hind legs longer than the front legs. It has a rather clumsy gait and an extremely intimidating appearance that is said to be quite similar to Sigbin but still has no definite conclusion.
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8. Canvey Island Monster

The Canvay Island Monster is the name given to an unusual creature that washed up on the shores of Canvey Island, England in October 1954. They continued to find another, more intact, in August 1955.

According to a 1954 study, this monster was 76 cm long with thick reddish brown skin, bulging eyes and gills.

It has no front legs and its long legs have five curved horseshoe-shaped toes – apparently well suited for bipedal locomotion.

Its body was cremated after a preliminary examination by scientists and deemed it dangerous to humans.

In 1955, continued to find a monster similar to the previous one, but it was much larger in size with a height of 1.2m and a weight of 11.3kg. They are quite fresh with bright red eyes, nostrils and teeth possibly for research. However, there is no official document about this monster nor any explanation as to what happened to its corpse.

9. Pope Lick Monster

In most of the records left behind, the monster Pope Lick appears as a strangely deformed half-goat body from a man.

It is very strong, with hairy legs like a goat and a white face with a hooked nose and big eyes. The monster has a short, sharp horn protruding from its forehead hidden under a long hair the same color as the hair on its legs.

Many legends tell about the existence and origin of this creature and how it attacks its victims. According to some accounts, the Pope Lick monster used hypnosis or voice imitation to lure prey to death, such as standing in front of an oncoming train.

Many other stories claim that this monster could have jumped from the pillars of the bridge onto the roofs of cars passing below it. In addition, it also attacks victims with only a bloody ax.
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10. Goat man

It was a beast with terrible human-goat-like features, horned, clawed with deformed features. Apparently, it is the typical image of the satyr in Greek mythology.

However, many witnesses say that this monster is not the result of nothingness from myths, but it also appears in reality - a flesh-eating, blood-sucking creature that cannot be underestimated. .

In 1957, the first reported sighting of a furry and horned monster was in Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George's state.

Then in the summer of 1962, it was alleged that the goat-man killed about fourteen people including 12 children and two adults while they were walking near their lair. Of course, there were still people who escaped death, but the body was torn in so many pieces that it was unrecognizable.

They asserted that the goat-man aggressively attacked the victims, smashing them to pieces with an ax while screaming horrendous sounds that only it could make.
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