Top 10 proofs of aliens are real - Part 4

Practical evidence of the existence of aliens. - part 3 here.

1. A place where secret information about aliens is kept

In the TV show Cosmic Disclosure, Emery Smith - former Assistant Anatomy of the US Air Force revealed some shocking information. He said he has encountered aliens at Kirtland Air Force Base, and many other secret bases in the state of New Mexico such as White Sands Base and Dulce Base. In addition, he also met aliens at many other bases in Denver, Colorado and Charlottesville, Virginia.

In 1992, while working at Kirtland Air Force Base, he saw with his own eyes an encyclopedic database with diverse information on different alien races.

He said: “After a few years on and off projects, I got a glimpse of different alien scenarios and types… I also had access to excellent encyclopedic libraries. about extraterrestrial races. They are all on mainframe computers. After looking at it, I really understand that we are just a tiny part of a vast, diverse array of creatures throughout this vast universe.”
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2. American couple abducted by aliens for experiments

UFO encounters are not uncommon, another case is the American couple Barney Hill and Betty Hill living in the state of New Hampshire, they once claimed to have been captured by aliens.

According to the Hills family, on the evening of September 19, 1961, they were driving back home when they suddenly saw a strange light in the air. The husband rolled down the window to see what was going on. Through binoculars, the two see a strange flying object approaching them.

Too scared, the couple accelerated the car with the desire to get rid of this flying object. However, after a while they still see this thing chasing after them. At this point Mr. Betty decided to shoot it down with a gun.

When lowering the glass to prepare to shoot, a strange creature appeared outside, a strange sound rang out, making the whole body of the couple paralyzed and unconscious.

About 35 minutes later, they woke up and found themselves in a place with many dense trees, next to 6 people with figures shaped like numbers. The strange creatures reassured the couple and then took them aboard the spaceship. They then took samples of Barney's skin and semen for testing.

Ms Betty said: 'First they put me on a pedestal and then proceeded to examine my ears, eyes, nose and throat. Then they put me on the table again, and they said they wanted to check my nervous system. Then they wanted to insert a needle-like device into my navel, because I felt pain, so they stopped.”

When released back, the couple reported the incident to the authorities. It was discovered that Betty's dress was torn, and there was also a powdery pink powder that could not be traced. Their luggage on the car has strange glowing circles, when the compass is near those circles, it loses its ability to determine direction.
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3. Martians predict the situation of the Three Kingdoms period

During the Eastern Jin period, there was a book called "Su Than Ky" that recorded a story about contacting aliens as follows: During the Three Kingdoms period, a group of children were playing when they suddenly discovered a child with the image of a child. monstrous enemy. This baby is about 1.3m tall, his eyes are bright and sharp, and his body is wearing a blue shirt.

Because they had never seen anyone like this, the children gathered around this child and asked all kinds of questions. This kid just said, "I'm a Martian, not a terrestrial. Seeing that you guys are very happy, I came down to take a look at everyone."

The baby in blue also revealed that in the near future the situation of replacing the cauldron in the Three Kingdoms period no longer exists, people will refer to the Sima family. When the children heard that, they were all very scared, some of them even quickly ran back and forth to tell the adults. But when the adult arrived, the child said "See you later" and jumped into the air.

When everyone looked up, they could only see an object shaped like a belt pulling a white silk-like light towards the sky and flying away.

Four years later, the state of Shu perished. 17 years later, the Wu state also perished, the chaos of the Three Kingdoms ended, and the Sima family unified China. The incident happened exactly what the alien baby said.
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4. Area 51

Area 51 is considered one of the most mysterious places in the world, it is a high-class military site of the United States Air Force located inside the Nevada test range. This place is about 100km north of Las Vegas city, with an area of about 920km2.

Khoa Pug is a famous YouTuber of Vietnam, his Youtube channel has up to 3.7 million subscribers. Recently, Khoa Pug caused a stir in the online community when he made a vlog to go to the top secret forbidden area of the US, "Area 51".

Specifically, in a short video posted on his tiktok channel, Khoa Pug stands on a deserted road, without a single house on all sides. Khoa Pug also revealed that in this area, within a radius of 250km, there are no activities or gas stations. The sky is always under the close and strict supervision of the US military. This place also has no phone signal and is absolutely forbidden to use drones. Here there is a stone pillar with an alien symbol.

Since the late 80s of the last century, area 51 is said to have appeared UFOs. At that time, a man named Bob Lazar shared on television that he had encountered UFOs and aliens many times in Area 51 when he worked there as a physicist.

Not only Bob Lazar, circa 1980-1990, a group of UFO hunters called "SecureTeam 10" also shared footage of what is believed to be a UFO flying over Area 51.

According to “SecureTeam 10” leader Tyler Glockner, that video was shot above Area 51. In the video, an object appears in the sky, emitting a strange light and then rising higher and then disappearing. .

By 2013, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agreed to release documents about Area 51. Accordingly, Area 51 is a testing ground of all kinds. military aircraft, U2 stealth bombers and nuclear weapons.

In the published documents about this area, there is no mention of UFOs or aliens, but researchers believe that these documents are missing information, surely there are many secrets about this area. to be announced.

Until October 31, 2014, "Azcentral" newspaper published an article related to aliens in Area 51. Specifically, before his death, scientist Boyd Bushman filmed a video revealing that he had worked. with 18 aliens in Area 51.
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5. Aliens robbed British TV

In 1977, there was a controversial event where aliens hijacked the British Southern TV channel for 6 minutes, after which these creatures sent an important message to humanity.

Specifically, the incident happened on November 26, 1977, the host of that day was broadcaster Andrew Gardner. At 17:10, when the news was playing, suddenly the TV picture started to show signs of flickering, then a buzzing sound appeared.

Next came a voice that was not human, but more like a mechanical device or an alien. In place of the message being broadcast was a blurry image of someone claiming to be from the galactic command Ashtar speaking.

This strange incident made hundreds of British viewers so terrified they couldn't believe their ears.
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6. The man revealed: 51 years of contact with aliens, gave birth to 10 mixed children

Simon Parkes, a former Labor Party politician in the UK, says he has been in contact with aliens for more than 50 years and has 10 children with them. At the same time, he also revealed that these creatures have long been planning to hybridize with humanity to invade Earth.

Mr. Simon Parkes was born in 1959 in the city of Whitby, North East Yorkshire, UK. He was a member of the British Labor Party council in Whitby.

In 2010, Mr. Simon caused a stir in the British community when he publicly admitted that he had been in contact with aliens 51 years ago and even said he had children with these creatures.

Simon recounts his experience in numerous interviews and has been accused of being a myth. However, not only verbally, Simon also painted hundreds of pictures depicting his memories of aliens and events during contact.
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7. Victim abducted by UFO

One of the world famous events involving aliens is the abduction in the city of Pascagoula, USA. The victim recounted that he was kidnapped by strange gray creatures with no neck, narrow eyes, and pointed nose while fishing on the riverbank.

On the afternoon of October 11, 1973, Mr. Charles Hickson (42 years old) and Calvin Parker (19 years old) reported to the Jackson County, Mississippi Police Department about their abduction by aliens.

That day, they were fishing on the pier in the Pascagoula River when suddenly they heard a hissing sound. Then, the two suddenly saw a strange oval-shaped object swimming back and forth on the water, about 1m away from them. This object is about 9-12m long and about 2.5-3m high, above there are two giant blue lights.

Moments later, the door of this strange object opened, and from inside, three creatures with strange appearances could be seen clearly. They are about 1.5m tall, the ears are very small, the skin is gray, with wrinkles, the eyes are small, forming a small gap, there is no neck, the head is directly connected to the shoulder, below the sharp nose is a small slit. like a coin slot, fingers like crab claws, calves as rough as elephant feet, no toes.
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8. The Pentagon confirms at least 14 UFOs surround the warship

NBC reported, on May 30, a US Department of Defense official confirmed that the US Navy had recorded radar images showing up to 14 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) gathered near an American warship.

The video above was revealed by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

"I can confirm that the video you sent was recorded by the Navy," the official confirmed the authenticity of the video.

The content in the video shows that, on July 25, 2019, the radar showed 14 UFOs flying at high speed and centered around the littoral combat ship USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego (California, USA).

In the video, the sailors' bewildered discussions can also be heard. “They move too fast,” said one sailor as the group was trying to mark the distance of the UFOs.

The U.S. Department of Defense official confirmed that the incident was being looked into as part of the Navy's intelligence program, which is set up to collect reports of mysterious phenomena.

The US Department of Defense said that the agency is still investigating and confirming the authenticity of the video.

According to Mr. Corbell, at least one UFO disappeared under the water. The US sent a submarine to search the area, but nothing was found. Corbell also added that the US Navy had to encounter 100 UFOs in just one month in 2019, according to the Daily Star.

9. Former US military personnel revealed: Tens of thousands of aliens are living among humans

While the scientific community is still speculating whether aliens exist, insiders of the US military have revealed a shocking truth: Aliens, with their similar appearance Humans, not only exist throughout the galaxy, but also infiltrate communities around the Earth as neighbors, colleagues, teachers, doctors, humanitarians, ... with the number up to tens of thousands of people.

On the August 7 episode of the online show 'Cosmic Disclosure', former US military officer Emery Smith and former NASA employee Corey Goode claimed to have worked on secret programs involving aliens. carried out by the US government and other military forces. These programs are also managed by transnational corporations.

Emery said he has encountered humanoid aliens while working at top-secret facilities such as Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and many other facilities. other US military facilities.

Emery claims that while working at these facilities, he has encountered many aliens with a human appearance that is so similar that they are indistinguishable.

“Aliens come to watch us and examine everything on Earth. They're here to gather information to make sure we don't ravage the Earth or kill each other. Therefore they are only here to gather information, as well as to experience human life, which to them is like a vacation.

So this is a very interesting scientific work for aliens. To come here, live among us and do things like a normal human, it's like an honor (for them)," Emery said when asked if aliens are living with humans. we or not.
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10. American ranchers once met aliens

Chicken ranch owner Joe Simonton once said he saw a UFO landing in his garden in Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA. Mr. Simonton said he heard "the sound of tires sliding on the wet road" so he went to check and discovered a UFO-like metal object landed in his backyard. According to him, the time of the incident was around 11 am on April 18, 1961.

That year Simonton was 60 years old. He saw the saucer plunge down like it was sliding on an invisible elevator, but it didn't touch the ground. Then, the "door" on the side of the flying saucer opened. Three aliens stepped out, about 1.5 meters tall, wearing black or navy turtlenecks and helmets.

One of them held a metal can, made a gesture like drinking water, and gestured to Simonton with his hand. Simonton told the media that the aliens appeared to speak "Italian accents" and that their accents were between 25 and 30 years old.

Simonton knew they needed water so he filled their kettle with water, recounting that the kettle's weight was "a little heavier than an aluminum kettle". After returning the water bottle to the opponent, these people greeted him and he also raised his hand in response.
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