Top 10 proofs of aliens are real - Part 3

Practical evidence of the existence of aliens. - part 2 here.

1. Pursuing UFOs, an army captain died

On January 7, 1948, Goldman Air Force Base at Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA received a report from the Kentucky Highway Patrol that a UFO was detected in the air near Maysville. UFOs, estimated to be between 76m and 91m in diameter, were seen in Owensboro, Irvington and Kentucky.

Quentin Blackwell, who was in the control tower at Fort Knox, saw a UFO around 1:45 pm. Two other witnesses saw a white UFO, Colonel Guy Hicks - commander of the base, described its shape as follows: "Very white, this object is about the size of a quarter of the full Moon..." . If the UFO is observed with a telescope, it appears to appear red on the surface and the object is stationary for about an hour and a half.

Aerial observers from the Clinton County Army in Ohio tracked the UFO for 35 minutes, showing the object's center to be a fiery red, and a green mist could be seen from its tail. Another observer said that the UFO stayed quite close to the ground for 10 seconds, then flew up 120 degrees at a very fast speed, to an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level, and then disappeared, perhaps speed Its is more than 800km/h.

The 165th Fighter Squadron of the Kentucky Air National Guard is conducting flight training with four P-51 Mustangs under the command of Air Force Captain Thomas Mantel. He is a seasoned fighter pilot with 2,167 hours of flight time and a proven track record in aerial combat during World War II.

Captain Mantell received instructions to approach the UFO, so the 165th Fighter Squadron began approaching the UFO. During this process, one of the two pilots abandoned the UFO chase mission due to the fighter running out of fuel, Captain Mantel and the other two pilots continued to approach the UFO.

Lieutenant Albert Clemons and Lieutenant Hammond stopped their pursuit after reaching an altitude of 6,900m, leaving only Captain Mantel to continue climbing, and eventually crashing in Franklin, Kentucky. This incident became known as the "Mantel UFO Incident" because Captain Mantel died in the line of duty.
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2. Japan Airlines collides with UFOs twice as large as aircraft carriers

On January 17, 1986, a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 freighter took off from Paris to Narita Airport in Tokyo. Flight 1628, the main pilot is Kenshou Terauchi, a former fighter pilot with more than 10,000 hours of flying experience; The co-pilot was Takaken Fuji, and the flight engineer was Yoshio Tsukuda.

As Flight 1628 was passing over Eastern Alaska at 5:11 p.m., pilot Kenshou Terauchi noticed two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) suddenly appearing in the foreground to the left. Its altitude was about 610m lower than the plane, which he initially assumed was a military aircraft, with the same speed and flight path as their aircraft.

Around 5:18 pm, 2 UFOs suddenly moved to a position from 150m to 1,000m away from the plane, and at the same time arranged in a formation. At this point, the enemy turns on some kind of device that emits a blinding light, it seems that the enemy is not a military aircraft as they first thought. Each UFO has 2 square arrays that look like jets or glowing thrusters.

2 UFO is suspected of intentionally flying horizontally with the speed of the Boeing 747 transport plane, and it does not follow any laws of physics. Kenshou describes the situation at the time as follows: “The other side seemed to ignore the existence of gravity, stopping immediately after accelerating, adjusting to a speed comparable to that of a Boeing 747. To us they seem to be standing still, then they change direction, these UFOs defy the laws of gravity. "

The flashes from these two UFOs lasted for several seconds, as the pilots in the cockpit felt the heat radiating from them. At the time of the incident, air traffic controllers knew that Japan Airlines Flight 1628 encountered a UFO, but could not confirm that any aircraft were nearby at the time. After 3 to 5 minutes, the UFOs flew in formation next to each other. The UFO's what appears to be a rotating propeller and a dark light can be seen. Until 5:23:13 pm, 2 UFOs suddenly moved to the East and eventually disappeared below the horizon.
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3. Decoding rocket-shaped UFO, appearing 2,000 times / year

'Ghost rockets' is an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the shape of a rocket, also known by other names such as: 'Demon rocket', 'Scandinavian rocket'. In 1946, it appeared in large numbers in Sweden and other neighboring countries.

On February 26, 1946, a Finnish observer discovered the existence of "ghost rockets", and between May and December of the same year, "ghost rockets" were observed. approximately 2,000 times.

Outside of Scandinavia, there have been reports of "ghost rockets" in Greece, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. British troops stationed in Greece recorded sightings of "ghost rockets".

On September 5, 1946, then Greek Prime Minister Constantino Chaldaris announced that he had seen "ghost rockets" in Macedonia and Thessaloniki on September 1.

On July 19, 1946, a witness reported seeing a gray rocket-like object falling into Lake Kölmjärv. Soon after, the military sent people to the missile drop site on Lake Kölmjärv to secretly search for 3 weeks, but did not find any UFO debris. The investigative report of this search speculates that the "ghost missile" may be made of a light and degradable magnesium alloy, making it impossible to detect with a detector.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Self-Defense Forces publicly stated on October 10, 1946, that although the reliability of most sighting reports was questionable, military radars, acoustic echo or other devices have received unexplained signals. This cannot be explained as a natural phenomenon.
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4. UFO flies around C-17 . transport plane

At around 4:15 p.m. on November 7, 2006, there was a UFO sighting that was watched by many people. At the time, federal authorities received a UFO sighting report from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, which said dozens of airport employees had seen a UFO hovering over them. hovering on a C-17 transport aircraft.

At the first moment of the incident, a runway attendant preparing for United Airlines Flight 446 to Charlotte, North Carolina, was leaving when he noticed the presence of a UFO.

This employee immediately informed the UFO's appearance above the plane to the crew on United Airlines Flight 446, who in the cockpit also saw the UFO.

At the same time, many people outside the airport also saw a UFO above the C-17 transport plane. One witness said that the UFO appeared "very clear" and was hovering over the airport, this was not a cloud in the sky.

Other witnesses later said that the UFO passed through the clouds at a very fast speed and left a clearly visible "blue hole" that disappeared shortly after.
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5. 'Battle of Los Angeles': US fired thousands of shots at UFOs

The "Battle of Los Angeles" is a UFO incident that took place in Los Angeles, USA in 1942. Between 12 midnight on February 24 and 2 am on February 25, a UFO appeared over the Santa Monica area in Los Angeles.

This time is less than 3 months from the "Pearl Harbor" event. And on the 23rd of the same month, the "Battle of Ellwood" occurred, 20 shells were fired at the Elwood oil field, the Japanese Navy submarine "I-17" intended to carry out a plan to bombard the cities in West Coast of America. It was the first direct attack by a foreign force since the American War of Independence. The current situation is so sensitive that the US military thinks the UFO may have been an Imperial Japanese Army plane at the time, and this incident is also known as the "Los Angeles Air Raid".

On February 24, 1942, the Navy issued a warning that an attack was possible within the next 10 hours. Fireworks of flares and flashing lights were reported in the area near the defense plant that night. The anti-aircraft warning was raised at 7:18 pm until 10:23 pm did not stop.

Then, Los Angeles sounded an air raid siren at 2:25 a.m. on the 25th, and local residents received orders to control the entire firelight, thousands of air raid monitors immediately moved to the area. their positions to wait for orders. When it was 3:16, the fighters of the 4th Interception Command were always on alert, ready to take off at any moment. The 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing its 5.8kg anti-aircraft artillery, firing a total of 1,400 rounds.

U.S. anti-aircraft fire continued until 4:14 a.m., and the order to control the flames did not stop until 7:21 a.m. It was later discovered that during the air defense attacks, many buildings and vehicles were damaged by accidental hits, 5 civilians were killed, 3 of them suffered heart attacks. because it could not withstand continuous fire for several hours.

Some media claim that there is a secret hidden in it, and some modern UFO scientists believe that the US military did indeed attack alien UFOs.
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6. UFO incident at Roswell

The Roswell UFO incident occurred in mid-1947, when a US Air Force weather balloon was said to have collided with a UFO, causing it to crash into a farm near Roswell, New Mexico. Many newspapers at that time also reported on the incident. Revolving around this event so far there are still many mysteries.

There are some documents that say alien bodies were taken away during the Roswell incident. Lieutenant Colonel Corso, who served in the Overseas Technology Division of the Pentagon's Army Research and Development Agency, once said that he himself witnessed alien corpses on the night of July 4. 1947.

If this statement is true, then the UFO crash should have happened at dawn or late on July 3, so the alien body and part of the flying saucer would have been moved to Ford Riley base, where Lieutenant Colonel Corso was at the afternoon of 4/7.

According to the press at the time, on 7/7 when the ranch owner Mark Brezel reported that he had discovered a crashed flying saucer, as soon as he received the information, the intelligence officer at the time – Major Marcel and Others arrived at the scene, then brought the flying saucer debris back.

Actually, this time is not 7/7 but much earlier than this time. This means that a secret force responsible for bringing back the flying saucers and alien corpses arrived on the scene very early. If that's the case, it's easy to see why Major Marcel didn't say a word about the alien corpses.
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7. UFO appeared in early 2022, was returned by people

According to the Daily Star, an unnamed man said he filmed an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky over Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. At first he thought it was just a cloud, but after a few minutes it got bigger and then suddenly disappeared.

The short video, which he shot on January 20, 2022, shows a red glowing white sphere changing into a cloud-like shape and growing larger and larger until it rapidly disappears.

This person said: at that time, there were no other clouds in the sky and the sun was already setting to his right. He then stopped filming to call his friends to see if they had seen UFOs like him.
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8. UFO hunter finds 'secret base entrance' on Earth

Scott C. Waring is a famous UFO hunter. He lives in Taiwan and currently runs a website and YouTube channel called ET Data Base, along with a related project called UFO Sightings Daily.

On May 13, 2020, Waring said he had discovered a mysterious 'underground base' on a 'remote island in Indonesia'. Explaining the finding on his website, Waring writes:

“I found the entrance to an underground base on a remote island in Indonesia.

You can easily see this entrance through Google Earth and when you add contrast to the screenshot… the real detail comes out.

Looking at it, we can even tell that the UFO flew through this doorway and left the underground base. How do we know this? Because the deep inside of the tunnel is closed, the outer surface area remains open.

This is the perfect place for an underground base… on such a remote island, there would be very little traffic.”

Waring shared a video of the discovery process on YouTube, detailing the steps he took to find the secret place using Google Earth.
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9. Discovered the head of a child on Mars

This was discovered by Scott C Waring – a famous UFO hunter on November 17, 2021. He posted on the website 'Ufo sightings daily' with the following content:

“Now perhaps finding the head of a statue doesn't matter much to NASA, as they go through so many archeological discoveries on Mars every day. But for me it is very important.

The head of this statue is not only the face of an intelligent species that once lived on Mars, but also the face of a child about 10-14 years old. The curly hair, chubby cheeks and chin really stand out, not to mention the eyes, nose, mouth and forehead.

The hair seems to be in a bun at the top, so there's a good chance it's female. The head of the statue is looking out from a small hill and on purpose… the position the face is facing could be the horizon… I guess it's probably looking in the direction of the setting Sun. In addition, the face itself is also very small, about 6-7cm across.
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10. UFO hunter: Aliens roam freely in the palace of the President of Argentina

On June 25, 2020, reported through 'Google Earth Maps' a mysterious human-shaped object was discovered in the residence of Argentine President - Alberto Fernández. This transparent creature has a thin body. The figure, arms, legs, shoulders, and head are all clearly defined.

This incident stems from Scott C Waring - a famous UFO hunter, once curious to explore the residence of the president of Argentina, used the software 'Google Earth Maps' to observe. During this "tour", he accidentally encountered a strange figure.

Specifically, Scott C Waring wrote on his blog 'ET Data Base' that: "I was exploring the residence of the president of Argentina when I came across a short transparent figure. It is just over 1m tall. In my opinion this is an alien hiding to spy on the President of Argentina.

Perhaps the aliens knew something was about to happen in the future, and the President of Argentina played a key role, something that would change the world in some way, for better or worse."
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