Top 10 most famous detective story authors in the world

Since its appearance, the detective genre has always been one of the most popular story genres among story enthusiasts. Detective stories always bring a sense of excitement and drama, arousing the reader's curiosity and inference. If you are a loyal follower of detective stories, you certainly cannot ignore the works of the famous writers and novelists below, right? Or if you are looking to read a detective novel, the works of the above writers will definitely be a great choice. Detective story fans, have you read all the works of the writers mentioned above? If not, that is a huge omission!

1. Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (May 22, 1859 to July 7, 1930) was a Scottish writer known for his detective novel Sherlock Holmes, which is considered a major innovation in the field of detective fiction. The original name of Sherlock Holmes was Shelling Ford.
His works include many science fiction novels, historical novels, historical dramas, novels, poems, and notes. Conan was originally a middle name, but in the following years, he used it as part of his surname. In his lifetime, he had two wives and five children (two being his first wife and three being his second wife). In addition to detective novels, he also wrote many works such as science fiction, historical novels, historical dramas, poetry, and notes.
Some of his famous works include:
This is a chance ring.
Quartet markers.
Baskerville's dog.
A terrifying valley.
A lost world.
The last bow.
Conan Doyle passed away on July 7th.
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2. Agatha Christie

Agatha Mary Clarissa, Lady Mallowan, DBE (15 September 1890 – 12 January 1976), commonly known as Agatha Christie, was an English mystery writer. She also wrote romance novels under the pen name Mary Westmacott, but is still best remembered for her pen name Agatha Christie and her 66 detective novels. With two famous detective characters, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, Christie is considered the Queen of Crime and one of the most important and creative writers of the genre. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Agatha Christie is the best-selling writer of all time in the detective genre, and second if other genres are included (only behind William Shakespeare). It is estimated that there have been about 1 billion copies printed in English and about 1 billion copies printed in 103 other languages ​​of Christie's works sold. An example of the appeal of Agatha Christie's works abroad is that she is also the best-selling author of all time in France with 40 million copies sold in French (as of 2003). while the second ranked person, French writer Emile Zola, has only 22 million copies. Her play The Mousetrap also holds the record for the longest-running play in London theater history, debuting at the Ambassadors Theater on November 25, 1952 and still continuing to be performed. Up to now (2007) with over 20,000 performances. In 1955, Christie was the first person to receive the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America.
Some of her famous works:
Murder on the Orient Express.
Murder case in Mesopotamia.
The third girl.
The goddess of revenge.
The secret in the suitcase.
Almost all of her works have been adapted into movies, some of which have been adapted multiple times, such as "Murder on the Orient Express", "Murder on the Nile River", "16:50 Train", and many of her works have also been adapted into TV dramas or video games.
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3. Dan Brown

Dan Brown is an American writer born on June 22, 1964. His mother is a professional musician, and his father is a famous math teacher. Before becoming a writer, he was an English teacher. His first novel "Digital Fortress" was published in 1998. This book was very popular, and since then, he has become famous.
In 2003, the Da Vinci Code was published. This book quickly became one of the best-selling books of all time, with 60.5 million copies published and sold worldwide. After the success of The Da Vinci Code, Hell continued to be published in 2014 and quickly became a craze among detective fiction enthusiasts.
Some of her famous works:
Angels and Devils (2000)
Lies (2001)
Lost Symbol (2009).
He ranks 12th on Forbes magazine's "Most Influential People in the World" list, which can be said to have a large circulation of his works.
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4. Sydney Sheldon

Sydney Sheldon (1917-2007) is an American novelist. His childhood was very difficult, and it was because of this that he gained rich experience and life capital, which was the fulcrum for creating excellent and captivating novels. Sydney Sheldon has published 18 novels, totaling over 300 million copies.
The Guinness World Records lists him as the author with the most translations in the world. In addition to writing detective novels, he is also a professional film and television screenwriter.
Some of his famous works:
Angry angels.
If there is still tomorrow.
Nothing is eternal.
The sky has collapsed.
Terrifying darkness.
A perfect plan.
The apocalyptic conspiracy.
Having experienced a difficult and challenging childhood, he created rich and authentic experiences, which served as the foundation for his best novels and deeply rooted in people's hearts, creating publications for human life.
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5. Tri Thu

Zhishu is a Chinese detective novel writer. His real name is Wang Liwei, from Shandong, China. His most famous work is "Ten Deadly Sins", which was adapted into a TV series.
"Ten Crimes" tells the story of ten earth shattering cases, based on real prototypes that have caused a sensation throughout China. In this story, you will encounter evil people who are extremely evil and have no morality anymore. All forms of crime are depicted by him very naturally, without coercion. However, behind the deviation of the criminal's worldview, knowing hatred leads people towards humanity and goodness, as the author once said: "There are no bad people in the world, only good people will make mistakes.".
In addition, he has other works, such as:
Qin Shu
Encyclopedia of Crime.
Declaration of Disabled Persons.
Pull your hand to orgasm.
For those addicted to detective novels, the top ten crimes cannot be ignored.

6. Jeffery Deaver

For those who enjoy detective novels, Jeffrey Deaver cannot be ignored. Jeffrey Deaver (born May 6, 1950) is a former American journalist, lawyer, and folk singer. In his literary career, he wrote over 20 novels, which were sold in over 150 countries and translated into 25 languages.
He has been nominated for the Steel Dagger Award for Best Adventure Novel, the Queen Ellery Reader Award, the Excellent Reading Award, the Anthony Award, and the Edgar Award from the Association of Detective Fiction Writers in the United Kingdom.
Some of his famous works can be said to be:
A person as thin as a stick.
Beast Cave.
The Song of Death.
The cross on the roadside.
The doll is asleep.
Devil's tears.
The 12th card.
His works appear on bestseller lists in major newspapers such as The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.
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7. Loi Me

Loi Me is a famous detective writer in China. Unlike most detective writers, Loi Me is a lecturer at a police academy in China. Loi Me has a passion for literature and started practicing writing as early as middle school.
After working in the public security department for three years, Loi Me began writing his first work, "The Seventh Reader.". His famous series of psychological crime detectives, such as "The Seventh Reader," "Bloody Questions," "Non human Pride," "The Dark River," "City Light," and so on, are all best-selling detective novels. In Loi Me's view, the occurrence of any criminal case is not an independent individual, but rather a rich and colorful story behind it.
Some very famous works, such as:
A bloody exam.
Inhumane ambition.
Underground River.
The light of the city.
Due to professional characteristics, Loi Me's detective works have a strong sense of criminal professionalism and logic

8. Stefan Wolf

He is the author of the very famous work "TKKG Four Monsters". Stefan Wolf's real name is Rolf Kalmuzak. He comes from Germany, was born in 1938, and passed away in 2007. In addition to writing novels, he is also an editor of the German daily newspaper.
TKKG is a detective story starring four teenagers, including Peter Kasten (nicknamed Mount Taishan), Carl Weinstein (nicknamed Computer), Willy Solici (nicknamed Yuanwo) and Gaby Grockner (nicknamed Princess). This story was published in Vietnam in 2010. In addition, the TKKG Four Monsters have also been made into movies in Germany.
Some of the best episodes in Stefan Wolf's "TKKG Four Monsters" series:
Invisible people.
An empty tomb on the wasteland.
The secret of the old house.
The animals in the castle.
Fake silver on Mouse Street.
As a well-known name in the world of detective fiction, his works bring suffocating dramatic plots that you should not overlook.
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9. Georges Simenon

Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (born February 13, 1903, died September 4, 1989) was a Belgian Francophone novelist. He is famous as a successful detective novelist, especially with his series about inspector Jules Maigret. His vast career includes 183 novels, 158 short stories, many memoirs and other articles and works, in addition to 172 novels, dozens of short stories and fairy tales that he signed under 27 other pen names. . He is the most read Belgian writer in the world, with more than 550 million copies in print. According to UNESCO's Index Translationum statistics in 1963, Georges Simenon is the 13th best-selling writer of all time, the 3rd best-selling Francophone writer of all time after Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas, and the 3rd best-selling Belgian writer of all time. the most translated versions in history (more than 3,500 translations in 47 other languages).
Some of his famous works:
God's chariot.
Velvet bear.
Andr é Gide, Andr é Cerif, and Robert Basilach were the first three critics to acknowledge West Menon's talent. Starting from the earliest detective novels, Gide was deeply impressed by Simeon's writing ability. In 1941, Gide took the initiative to talk and communicate about his writing skills: "Simeon is a genius novelist and also the most reliable novelist in contemporary literature."
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10. Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith is a famous American writer of the 20th century. She was born in 1921 and is 95 years old. Many of her novels have been adapted into films. In 1950, a young female author, until then unknown, shocked readers with the story of planning a very skillful murder. Patricia Highsmith (1921 - 1995) created a new genre in detective literature with the work Strangers on a Train: psychological thriller. As a writer famous for her psycho-thriller novels, the focus of her works is not the investigation or deduction to capture criminals but the question of motive. Which circumstances pushed a normal person to commit a crime?
Some of her famous works:
Strangers on a Train
The Price of Salt
Mr. Ripley, a genius.
Deep water.
This is a sweet disease.
Murders are not always present in Patricia's works. She is concerned about the inner life of the characters, rather than morality, law, or justice. "I think publicly expressing a passion for fairness is both boring and false, because neither life nor nature cares about fairness," said Heismith.
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