Top 10 most expensive bed models in the world

Many beds come with complete entertainment centers, works of art or beautiful fashion products whose price in Vietnamese currency is hundreds of billions of dong. Thousands of years ago, when it was simply a pile of straw or other natural materials, the bed became extremely necessary and a piece of furniture closely associated with human life. No matter where, from hotel rooms, war zones to the international space station, people need a bed that suits every situation and need. The bed becomes important because everyone spends 1/3 of their life sleeping. While some people think "a bed is simply a bed", there are concepts that take this piece of furniture to a new level with products that carry features that go beyond everyday life. For example, beds that come with complete entertainment centers, are works of art, or beautiful fashionable bed products. Below are the 10 most expensive bed models in the world:

1. Baldacchino Supreme Bed

The Baldacchino Supreme bed designed by Stuart Hughes is considered a wonderfully elegant work of art. The interior is crafted of 24 carat gold weighing over 90 kg and the frame is made of Ash, Cherry and Classy Canopy wood.

There are only 2 of these offered in the world and the price of each is up to 6.3 million USD.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed

The Magnetic Floating bed is a revolutionary approach because it relies on magnetic fields to float above the floor. The bed can bear up to 900 kg but it weighs about 680 kg because of the need for powerful magnets.

If you want to feel like you're literally floating in your sleep, you'll have to pay $1.6 million to buy this bed.

3. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed

Crafted with distinction, Jado Steel has features that once made it the most expensive bed in the world.

The features that this bed has include internet connection, TV screen with DVD player, Playstation and surround sound system. The expensive price of up to 676,550 USD is because Jado Steel is equipped with both gold and Swarovski crystals.

4. Parnian Furniture Bed

Abdolhay Parnian designed the Parnian bed to look like a work of art. The product is crafted with perfection and attention to detail. The design combines wood as the main material with stainless steel and gold, bringing a sculptural element into the bedroom.

The designer has created great customization options for the bed with the ability to incorporate features such as an iPad holder, charging station, LCD screen... The price of this bed can be up to 210,000 USD.

5. Quantum Sleeper Bed

Both a bed and a shelter from nuclear fallout, a quantum bed is an item you'll want to own if you believe the apocalypse may be imminent. In fact, this bed will protect you against natural disasters, biological chemical terrorist attacks, intruders and even bullets.

The bed has a refrigerator, microwave and TV, sanitary system, backup power source, emergency communication system, ventilation. In addition, this bed also has a smoke detector, making it considered the safest place.

However, to own this bed, you need to spend 160,000 USD.

6. Majesty Vi-Spring Bed

The Majesty Vi-Spring Bed is an upgraded version of Monarch at position 10. The bed is completely handmade. The mattress comes with 3 layers of metal pocket springs and the finest British lambswool, Shetland wool silk, cashmere fabric and handcrafted European ponytail filling. The bed is decorated with layers of gold and silver for a sophisticated design. Of course, Majesty is not cheap, up to 84,000 USD.

7. Cosmovoide Bed

What's better than a cocoon-style bed that makes anyone feel comfortable, safe and protected when lying on it? Designed in Northern France, the Cosmovoide Bed is shaped like an egg, with a frame completely covered by a mattress that flexes and adapts to the shape of the body.

The bed costs about 60,000 USD.

8. The Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

A more technological approach comes from Leggett & Platt with a bed designed to be the "archetype of modern sleep". This is a combination of modern technology and a comfortable bed.

This bed comes with anti-snoring technology, temperature control on both sides, and a sleep diagnostic center to track body movements and breathing patterns.

To serve the user's entertainment needs, the bed also comes with an iPod dock, allowing connection to the internet. Additionally, the bed has a video projector that can turn the ceiling into a starry sky or even a cinema screen. The price for this high-tech bed is $50,000.

9. Sphere Bed

Designed by Karim Rashid to be the perfect retreat for couples, the Sphere Bed is wrapped in a sexy red frame for added durability. A massage unit is attached under the mattress so the person can relax completely.

10. Monarch Vi-Spring Bed

Vi-Spring offers premium divan beds handcrafted with pocket springs and the finest natural upholstery fabrics such as English sheepskin or horsehair, ensuring the ultimate comfort.

The Monarch is one of Vi-Sping's most outstanding bed models. The bed contains 3,000 springs providing excellent comfort. However, that comes with a price that makes you think a lot before buying: 50,000 USD.
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