Top 10 Free Magento 2 Extensions

In this article we have gathered the most successful and result oriented free Magento 2 extensions covering Checkout Enhancements, Search and Navigation, Site Management, Content and Customization, Marketing, SEO, Translation and Localization categories.

1. Google Maps Store Locator

This Free Magento 2 Google Maps store locator extension allows you to display your offline store location on the map through a dedicated store page. This free Store locator extension uses Google maps to exhibit store locations. Checkout our premium Magento 2 store locator extension with enhanced features.
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2. Banners - Free Responsive Banner Slider

Magento 2 banner slider extension from FME allows you to place attractive banners on your home, product, category, and cart pages. You can add a series of banners as sliders and customize their display and animation settings.
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3. Quick Contact

Allow your customers to interact with you instantly by filling a simple form with Magento 2 Contacts us extension from FME. Customers can communicate with you regarding anything through contact us button widget added on All store pages. You can enable Google Captcha on Quick form, add Google Maps on Contact Us page, customize form fields and view /reply to queries from backend. Email notification helps you keep track of queries when they are sent to the admin panel. Checkout out our premium Magento 2 custom contact form extension having more enhanced features.
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4. Request For Quote

Magento Quote extension from FME allows you upgrade your Request for Quote process with automated RFQ form on your online store. It use simple entry fields to help you clients fill their data and send their quotes to acquire an accurate cost. It enables customers to upload files and receive notifications about their RFQ entries. Checkout our premium Magento 2 Request for Quote extension.
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5. Store Manager Connector

Store Manager is a desktop software designed to extend the functionality of the Magento admin web interface and make your general store management more convenient than from difficult-to-use store backend. 

Store Manager Bridge Connector module allows you to connect the Store Manager application to the Magento database starting from version 2.3.0. The tool allows you to work offline with your catalog, categories, attributes, customers and orders, and sync changes with your store when you are back online. You can make bulk changes via Multi Editors or with the help of Export/Import Wizards that save tons of time. The module gives the possibility to connect to the software for managing merchandise listings, orders and customers across multiple sales channels with the help of built-in add-ons. With Store Manager, you can make automatic inventory updates scheduling the import tasks from different file sources and formats. 
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6. Advanced Shipping Setting

Advanced Shipping for Magento 2 is the solution that helps you configure shipping fees in a very flexible manner.

With Advanced Shipping, you can set shipping fees by using almost all the variables available, such as destination, weight, price, quantity, categories, product attributes, item options, the customer group, customer attributes, coupon codes, Magento custom variables, date, etc…

Advanced Shipping uses a single text configuration field to define shipping methods. With a specific syntax (look at the documentation for more information on this syntax), you can define one or several shipping methods, their name, their price and the conditions to enable or not these shipping methods depending on the current quote. To specify the price of a shipping method, you must define a formula (it can be very simple as a single number or very complex with combinations of conditions).

With this extension, you can manage any shipping provider(s), you just have to configure the conditions of display and the price of each shipping method using formulas.
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7. Angolia Instant Search

Algolia is the fastest and most relevant search experience available for Magento. Algolia helps Magento stores connect their users with what matters most via a search which delivers lightning-fast, relevant search results anywhere in the world. 

Algolia Instant Search allows you to easily replace your current Magento search with an autocomplete and instant search results page that updates with products and categories in real time. Results show up immediately as the user types, with no delay, and bring customers to exactly what they’re looking for.

Give your users an advanced Magento search in minutes — no development experience needed. Algolia is the fastest and most relevant Magento search extension. Stores with Algolia see increased customer engagement, conversion rates and total revenue.
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8. Dominate Checkout

The Dominate Checkout Open Source optimizes the checkout process for your Magento 2 store to be simple and responsive for users on any device. By reducing the steps needed to submit an order, customers are more likely to complete the process and thereby increase your online profits and conversion rate. Checkout-page design is optimized to show all steps needed to complete the order on the page for the customer.

Dominate Checkout Open Source is fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile views and works with all native Magento shipping methods. To simplify the checkout process, the Dominate Checkout Open Source has decreased the number of steps and fields needed to complete the checkout process no matter the layout you are using. The design and usability of the Dominate Checkout credit card payment block have been simplified with the help of the PayPal to reduce the amount of time needed to enter payment information.

Everything included in our module is developed to ensure your customers can quickly and easily checkout, and hence, increase your site's conversion rate.
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9. Site Search

Celebros AI Search and Merchandising uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic algorithms and machine learning to automatically identify user intent and return only the most relevant search results. The outcome is higher engagement, which leads to a greater conversion rate and online revenue for visits with site search (ask us about our well-documented ROI).

Celebros AI Search replaces your existing search with a top-of-the-line semantic search technology, which was built from the ground up with eCommerce in mind. Our in-memory database architecture provides the fastest results to your existing search results page via our Adobe Commerce extension. The advanced search algorithms with machine learning improve your conversion rate automatically. 

Celebros comes with a comprehensive set of tools such as Instant NLP Search, Interactive AutoComplete, Cross-Sell Product Recommendations Engine, Merchandising, Campaigns Manager, and Conversational Commerce, for full flexibility and a competitive edge.
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10. ClickSend SMS

ClickSend is a global leader in business communication solutions. Our reputation is built on technical expertise, industry experience, quality support and service reliability. From bulk marketing to mission-critical solutions, if you need a business messaging provider, you can rely on ClickSend. Using ClickSend, you can send SMS to any country globally.

SMS notification module integrated with the platform. The module makes it possible to send SMS to the administrator on a new order, and the customer when an order is shipped. Simply install the plugin, enter your ClickSend credentials and begin sending SMS automatically. 
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