The 10 classic chair models below will be ideal suggestions for people looking for furniture that will make the house more comfortable and convenient. The common point of the chairs is that at the time of their appearance, they created a buzz about their design, sometimes breaking some of the current rigid rules. This list includes large relaxation chairs, dining chairs, working chairs, or a chair that creates a highlight for the space.

1. Eames Lounge Chair

Kicking off the list is a bold, iconic chair: the Eames Salon Chair. A comfortable lounge chair created in 1956 by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames. Although they did not set out to create a chair with a classic look, they simply improved existing lounge chairs, but Eames was more elegant and comfortable to sit on.
The chair has the idea of ​​having a warm appearance like a baseball glove, creating a soft, lulling feeling when you need to rest. Eames just makes you want to pick up a book, sit in it and then, like a floating cloud, sink into your own world.
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2. Egg Chair

Another large, comfortable chair model - The Egg by Arne Jacobsen was born in 1958, a design specifically for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. The chair model convinces users with its graceful, soft curves, comfort and class made of cowhide and steel.

Although designed for use in hotels, thanks to its special shape, Egg was enthusiastically received by the public. And to this day, this iconic chair model still captures the hearts of users but with improvements and more modern materials.
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3. Wishbone Chair

In the 1940s, Danish designer Hans J.Wegner saw a series of photos of Chinese craftsmen and became fascinated with the chairs they were sitting on. The Ming Dynasty chairs gave the talented designer an idea, he created his own new version with curved wooden armrests, wrapping around the back to form a perfect arc, in the middle of the backrest. is a wooden bar shaped like a graceful Y.

The chair was born thanks to the ingenuity of the craftsmen with many difficult steps, including weaving the rope for the chair. It is a chair with high technology and beautiful design that is hard to ignore even after nearly a century.
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4. Tulip chair

The next classic chair model is very "poetic" from Finnish-American architect and designer Earo Saarinen with the thought of escaping the "ugly, confusing and unstable world". He changed the conventional appearance of a four-legged chair into a central pedestal, the seat and backrest creating a smooth curve reminiscent of the flower with the same name - the tulip.

The Tulip chair has been produced by Knoll (a manufacturer founded by Florence, Saarinen's friend) since 1957. Saarinen made a push into the interior design world when it launched a chair model that completely broke the concept of "Tulip Chair". four-legged chair" made of monolithic Tulip masterpiece, single material.

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5. Seat B32/Cesca

Marcel Breuer architect and designer, one of the most influential people on the International Style (International Style or internationalism is a major architectural style developed in the 1920s and 1930s ) has created two classic interior works: Wassily and B32/ Cesca.

We see that Wassilty is inclined toward sculpture, whose works have quite abstract and complex structures. However, the B32/ Cesca is the outstanding chair that truly changes the interior playing field: the chair makes the person sitting feel comfortable and seems to be lifted into the air.

Cesca's excellent functionality and elegant, streamlined appearance seem to be ahead of its time, evidenced by the fact that most of the interiors are being minimalist to suit modern spaces. What is worth mentioning is that HAI can be crafted with all the inherent sophistication and this is also a chair model that our customers love very much.

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6. Pierre office chair

Designed by Pierrie Jeanneret, the chair is one of the most sought after designs by antique collectors today. The chair produced in 1950 is often called after the designer "Jeanneret" and is loved for its beautiful design, it is a symbol of classic elegance.
To this day, people still love this chair model, even hunting to find chair models produced in the past. HAY was also attracted by the elegant beauty so he "restored" Jeanneret and added a bit of style when it came in 2 colors: natural wood and black.
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7. Kennedy Chair

How special is this chair model that it bears the name of an American president and is also known as "the most beautiful chair in the world"? First, it was created by master architect Hans J. Wegner in 1949, then it was chosen to be used for the election campaign between two US presidential candidates F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
The Kennedy chair has very "Hans J.Wegner" characteristics when the large backrest is combined with the chair's arms, very meticulous, very delicate, creating a beautiful hug and creating a pleasant feeling for the back. This architect's design is always top-notch, after 7 decades it still impresses with its elegant beauty and a feeling of solidity and comfort when sitting.
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8. The Standard Chair

The chair has the following standards: Solid, streamlined, uncomplicated design with a perfect industrial feel. The man who created The Standard – Prouvé, an engineer, architect, ironworker and overall a very talented person with a keen eye for detail.
Simplicity is clearly shown in the design, in addition to the combination of materials and extremely suitable designs. It is not complicated to produce a chair like Standard, but it is difficult to visualize and come up with ideas for it, moreover, to bring it to life so that the chair becomes an icon.
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9. Paulistano Chair

Let's go back in time again. This time, we go back to Brazil in 1957, when Paulo Mendes da Rocha designed the Paulistano chair. The simplicity and airiness make it stand out among dozens of other interior models. Initially the chair was produced for use in the Paulistano Athletic Club, later with the comfort it brought, people gradually loved it and it became popular to this day.
The chair consists of a curved steel bar, a leather or fabric cover, Rocha has created a Paulistano with the absolute comfort and relaxation one desires. When sitting on Paulistano, you can easily understand the idea of ​​an astronaut in weightless space and relax like being lulled to sleep in a hammock.
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10. Panton chair

Last on this list is the sculptural and creative Panton plastic chair suitable for use in any space. There are at least 3 reasons why Panton is a classic chair, loved for decades: it is the first chair produced with just a single piece of plastic, the innovative S-curve shape, the Comfortable when the chair gently supports the body.
In 1967, the chair with flexible material and shaped according to anthropological shapes was introduced to the public. Today, owning Panton also means you have in your hands a masterpiece of the 20th century, a work of graceful beauty, when placed in space as if it were a sculpture.

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