List of 10 most powerful intercontinental missiles in the world

According to Toutiao news site (China) on April 18, US media has just announced a ranking of the world's top 10 intercontinental missiles (ICBMs), in which China's most powerful Dongfeng-41 missile ranked first. 7. Of course this is not an official ranking and only reflects the views of some observers, but it is worth a look.  

1. RSM-56 “Bulava”

Standing at the bottom of the current Top 10 ICBM list is the Russian RSM-56 “Bulava” missile system, this submarine-launched missile also known as the R-30 has a range exceeding 8,000 km (the farthest to 9,100 km), can go straight from Moscow to New York.

The RSM-56 “Bulava” missile can carry from 6 to 10 nuclear warheads, has a long range, high accuracy, is not easy to intercept, and the destructive power of the nuclear warhead is beyond doubt.
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2. Julang-2

Ranked 9th is China's JL-2 (Julang-2 or Cu Lang-2) ballistic missile launched from submarines, appearing for the first time during the Chinese National Day parade (October 1) in 2019. The appearance of this type of missile at that time really shocked European and American countries.
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3. Dongfeng-31A

Ranked 8th is the upgraded nuclear missile DF-31A (Dongfeng-31A or Dong Phong-31A), a strategic intercontinental missile using second-generation solid propellant developed by China itself. , debuted at the 2019 parade and is one of the final weapons of the parade lineup.
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4. Dongfeng-41

7th place is the Dongfeng-41 ballistic missile - the pride of the Chinese people. From the initial research and development until the current upgrade and improvement, there have been many incidents and it is also an important concern for foreign spies.

At the 2019 National Day parade, Dongfeng-41 walked at the end of the parade, seemingly discreet, but everyone was interested in the last part of that majestic parade.
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5. M-51

Ranked 6th is the M-51 ballistic missile developed by France, which was first tested and successfully launched in 2006.

The M-51 missile has a maximum range of 13,000 km and carries 12 nuclear warheads. It has strong breakthrough capabilities and can be described as France's trump card.
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6. SS-N-23M1 "Deep Blue"

Ranked 5th is the submarine-launched ballistic missile SS-N-23M1 "Deep Blue", this is an intercontinental missile launched from nuclear submarines independently developed by Russia, with maximum range. exceeding 10,000 km, just sitting at home can attack anywhere in the United States.
There is information that Russia currently has at least 50 Deep Blue submarine-launched ballistic missiles, installed on Delta-class nuclear submarines. Once war breaks out, this will be a force that cannot be underestimated.
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7. Minuteman 3

Ranked 4th is the American Minuteman 3 intercontinental missile. In February 2023, the US conducted a test launch of the Minuteman 3 intercontinental missile. This missile does not carry a warhead and mainly serves as a deterrent to show off military power to other countries.

The Minuteman 3 missile has a range of about 12,500 km, carries a nuclear warhead in real combat, and has been tested more than 300 times. This shows that the US Minuteman 3 intercontinental missile has been mass produced. one of the reasons why it can be ranked 4th.
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8. RT-2PM2 “Topol-M”

In third place is the RT-2PM2 “Topol-M” ballistic missile (NATO designation SS-27), a multi-warhead intercontinental missile developed by Russia, carrying from 6 to 10 modified warheads. advanced, each head weighs 1.2 tons, total warhead weight is about 49 tons.

The RT-2PM2 ballistic missile has a maximum range of 10,500 km and a firing speed of about 4,800 meters per second, more than 10 times faster than the speed of sound.
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9. R-36M "Satan"

Ranked 2nd, Russia's R-36M "Satan" ballistic missile. The R-36M ballistic missile has been improved and optimized by Russia, currently the maximum range can reach 16,000 km, the warhead explosive yield is 20 million tons of TNT, equivalent to more than 1,600 atomic bombs. The US dropped Hiroshima in 1945.

The take-off weight of the R-36M "Satan" ballistic missile is about 210 tons. Even if this terrible weapon does not carry a warhead and can fly 16,000 km, it is still quite scary, people call it a "name". Doomsday fire".
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10. UGM-133A

Standing in the first position of the Top 10 is the US ballistic missile UGM-133A (Trident II or Trident D5), with a range of about 8,000 km, which has now been upgraded to 10,000 km.

The reason why the UGM-133A "Trident D5" ballistic missile can be ranked number 1 is because of its strong attack capacity; In terms of power, it is not equal to the Russian R-36M "Satan" missile.
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