10 weapons contractors with the largest revenue in the world in 2022

The year 2022 will witness many major political and military events globally. This has a negative impact on the security and peaceful environment, hindering the trend of cooperation and mutual development among subjects in the international system. However, the unstable situation is bringing huge profits to arms contractors. Let's take a look at the 10 names with the largest revenue from weapons production in the world in the past year.

1. Raytheon Technologies

Revenue: 67.1 billion USD
Year of establishment: 1922
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia
Founders: Vannevar Bush, Charles Smith and Laurence Marshall

Raytheon Technologies is one of the largest defense contractors in 2022. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Raytheon earns $67.1 billion in revenue from sales to the US government as well as from supplying foreign military needs. Raytheon's subsidiaries include: Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Missiles & Defense, and Raytheon Intelligence & Space. Currently, this company is still expanding by acquiring other small companies including: Acme-Delta, Amana and Packard-Bell.

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2. Boeing

Revenue: 66.6 billion USD
Year of establishment: 1916
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia
Founder: William Boeing

Boeing is a Virginia-based aerospace and defense company that manufactures aircraft, missiles, propeller vehicles, rockets, satellites, telecommunications equipment, and security products. , space and defense systems worldwide. Known as the largest commercial jet manufacturer, Boeing is currently developing the 787-10 Dreamliner, 737 MAX and 777X models.

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3. Lockheed Martin

Revenue: 66.0 billion USD
Year founded: 1961 (as Lockheed Corporation)
Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland
Founders: Allan and Malcolm Lockheed and Glenn L. Martin

Lockheed Martin is an international aerospace and security company focused on researching, designing, manufacturing, developing, integrating and sustaining advanced technology systems, services and products. Lockheed Martin was founded in 1995 when Lockheed Corporation merged with Martin Marietta to save on management and operating costs.

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4. General Dynamics

Revenue: 39.4 billion USD
Year of establishment: 1952
Headquarters: Reston, Virginia
Founders: John Philip Holland and Isaac Rice

General Dynamics is a leading defense contractor specializing in the production of tactical vehicles, ammunition, propellants, submarines, command and control systems and other military products for federal agencies, US government and commercial customers. General Dynamics currently operates through many subsidiaries, some typical names include: GD NASSCO, GD Information Technology, GD European Land Systems and GD Mission Systems. One of its subsidiaries, GD Electric Boat is currently the leading shipbuilding company in the United States.
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5. Northrop Grumman

Revenue: 36.6 billion USD
Year of establishment: 1939
Headquarters: Falls Church, Virginia
Founders: Jack Northrop and Leroy Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a leading global aerospace and defense company. It is one of the leading suppliers of advanced aircraft, spacecraft as well as cyber security and radar systems. Its business primarily involves the US government, Department of Defense and intelligence forces..
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6. Honeywell International

Revenue: 35.47 billion USD
Year of establishment: 1906
Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Founder: Mark Honeywell

Honeywell International is an engineering and technology company that develops technologies to solve challenges in diverse sectors, including energy, aviation, global urbanization, materials, safety, security…. Electric Heat Regulator Company and Honeywell merged in 1906, beginning a period of strong growth and expansion of the company's global influence. Honeywell currently owns nine subsidiaries, operating in many different fields. Honeywell has also spent more than 10 billion USD on acquisitions to continue expanding its scale of operations.
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7. BAE Systems

Revenue: $23.04 billion (£21.26 billion)
Year of establishment: 1999
Headquarters: London, U.K

BAE Systems is an aerospace and defense company headquartered in London. Main business segments include: information technology, security, electronics, weapons and ammunition systems, as well as other services for military forces. Headquartered in London, BAE Systems PLC operates in the United States through its subsidiaries. The company's largest markets are Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States.
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8. Collins Aerospace

Revenue: 20.6 billion USD
Year of establishment: 2018
Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Collins Aerospace is an aerospace and defense company that operates as a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies. Collins Aerospace is the result of the merger of UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins in 2018. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, it also has offices in California, Iowa and Connecticut.
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9. L3Harris Technologies

Revenue: 17.1 billion USD
Year of establishment: 1895
Headquarters: Melbourne, Florida
Founders: Charles and Alfred Harris

L3Harris Technologies is an international aerospace and defense technology company. The company specializes in manufacturing advanced defense and commercial technologies in all spaces (including cyber space). L3Harris began operations in 1895 as the Harris Automatic Press Company. L3Harris Technologies was founded in 2019 when defense contractors L3 Technologies and Harris merged to compete in the C41SR market.
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10. Huntington Ingalls Industries

Revenue: 10.7 billion USD
Year of establishment: 2011

Headquarters: Newport News, Virginia
Founders: Collis Potter Huntington and Robert Ingersoll Ingalls Sr.

Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) is America's largest shipbuilding company. It provides professional services to government and industry partners, and delivers robust, survivable naval vessels, unmanned systems and defense systems and equipment. other. Huntington Ingalls Industries was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman.
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