10 unsolved world mysteries

Fictional stories, like those described in "The Da Vinci Code" and the movie "National Treasure" have nothing to do with these real-life secrets. Here is a list of 10 most mysterious unsolved mysteries and codes.

1. Voynich's manuscript

Encrypted codes, mysteries, and public artworks tease us with their enigmatic plots: Why is their message encrypted? What great secrets might they contain? Despite the hard work of the best historians, the smartest cryptographers and the most determined treasure hunters, history is full of mysteries that continue to baffle us until now.
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2. Kryptos

Kryptos is a mysterious sculpture engraved with 1,800 characters containing coded messages created by American sculptor Jim Sanborn, placed in front of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia on 1990. It was so mysterious that even the world famous spy agency CIA could not completely decipher its code.
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3. The Beale ciphers

The Beale ciphers are a set of three ciphertexts believed to reveal the location of one of the greatest buried treasures in American history with thousands of pounds of gold, silver and precious stones. The original treasure was found by a mysterious man named Thomas Jefferson Beale in 1818 while mining gold in Colorado.

Of the three pieces of code, only the second was decoded. Interestingly, the US Declaration of Independence itself is the key. It's a surprising fact that Beale shares the same name as the author of the Declaration of Independence. The deciphered text indicates the burial site of the treasure is Bedford County, Virginia, but its exact location, encrypted in one of the two remaining pieces of code, remains unsolved. To this day, treasure hunters are still scouring (often illegally) the hillsides of Bedford County in search of this vast wealth.
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4. Phaistos Disc

The mystery of the Phaistos disc is that the story sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Discovered by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in 1908 in the ruins of the palace of Minos at Faistos, on the Greek island of Crete, this disk is made of baked clay and contains mysterious symbols that may is an unknown form of hieroglyphics. It is believed to have been made somewhere in the second millennium BC.

Some scholars believe that these hieroglyphs resemble the characters of Linear A and Linear B, scripts used in ancient Crete. The problem is that Linear A cannot be decoded. To this day, the Phaistos disk remains one of archeology's most famous mysteries.
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5. Inscription in Shugborough

From a distance, the 18th-century Shepherd's Monument in Staffordshire, England, you might think it's nothing more than a sculptural rendition of the famous painting "Shepherds of Arcadia." by Nicolas Poussin. But looking closer, you'll see a strange string of letters DOUOSVAVVM - an unbreakable cipher that's been over 250 years old.

And although no one knows the author of this code, some speculate that the code could be a clue left by the Knights Templar to indicate the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. Many of the world's greatest minds, including Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, have tried to decipher but have failed.
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6. The Tamam Shud case

Tamam Shud is one of Australia's greatest mysteries. It revolves around a strange man found dead in December 1948 on Somerton Beach, Adelaide, Australia. Aside from being unable to identify the man, things became more mysterious when a tiny piece of paper with the words "Tamam shud" was found in a secret pocket in the dead man's trousers.

This phrase translates to "complete" or "to finish" and is used on the last page of Omar Khayyam's poetry anthology "The Rubaiyat". In addition to this mystery, a copy of "The Rubaiyat" was later found, which contained a strange scribbled cipher believed to have been left by this dead man. Based on the content of Omar Khayyam's poem, many people think that this message is a suicide note, but so far it has not been solved as well as this case itself.
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7. Wow! Signal

One summer night in 1977, Jerry Ehman, a volunteer with the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program, may have been the first to have received a deliberate message from another planet. While scanning radio waves from deep space in the hopes of randomly catching a signal bearing the signs that it was sent by a rational race, Eman discovered a mutation in the your measurements.
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8. Letters from the Zodiac slayer

The Zodiac Letters are a series of four coded letters believed to have been written by the Zodiac, the notorious serial killer who terrorized San Francisco in the second half of the 1960s and early 1970s. These letters were probably written to annoy journalists and police, and while one has been deciphered, the other three remain unsolved.

The Zodiac's identity was also never determined. Since the 1970s, the Zodiac murders have not been seen.
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9. The guiding stones in Georgia

The Georgia Stones, sometimes referred to as the "America's Stonehenge," is a granite monument erected in Elbert County, Georgia in 1979. The stones are engraved with the 10 new commandments for " Age of Wisdom” written in 8 languages - English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The rocks are also arranged according to certain astronomical calculations. Although the work contains no encrypted messages, its purpose and origin remain shrouded in mystery. It was built by the man with the alias R.C. Christian whose true identity is ultimately still undetermined.
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10. Rongorongo

Rongorongo is a system of mysterious symbols carved on artefacts found on Easter Island. It is thought by many that they represent a lost primitive orthographic system, and may be one of three or four independently invented writing systems in human history.
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