Top 10 Taxis & Shuttles in the USA

What types of transportation can be used in the US and how? Please refer to the information below.

1. Taxi Uber

This taxi-hailing application is a reliable friend, especially for travelers who have difficulty communicating in foreign languages and are not familiar with geography. You just need to select the departure and destination points using the app and the price will appear shortly after. Fares will vary depending on traffic conditions and time.

This application regularly has promotions, so you can use it without much pressure on the cost.
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2. City Subway

Subway is one of the means of transportation in major US cities. You can take the subway in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington D.C.

To use the subway, you must have a Tap Card or a Metro Card. There are card machines at subway stations; you buy, make a card, then top up the full amount for the amount of time you want to go. Usually, you can buy a 1-day, 7-day or 1-month pass. The advantage is that you can ride the subway unlimited times with the purchased card.
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3. Taxi Lyft

This is a ride-hailing service similar to Uber, you can call a registered car and use it as a taxi. Since drivers are rated by star ratings and reviews, it has the advantage of knowing the driver in advance.

How to use is that you choose the type of vehicle after entering the departure and destination. Vehicles are divided into Line (travel with other passengers on the same route), Lyft (use as a regular taxi), Plus (use for many passengers). When you want to choose a good car then pay extra and choose options like Premier, Lux or Lux SUV.
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4. Greyhound Bus

These are long-distance buses that connect cities. When booking tickets on the website, you just need to fill in the departure date, arrival date, city name and select the bus you want to take. After payment, the ticket must be printed within 15 minutes and must be printed on one side. In case you have trouble printing your ticket, you can also print it using another computer. But if you lose your ticket or run out of tickets, you will have to go directly to the bus stop and buy the ticket again for $20.
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5. Amtrak train

Amtrak is a passenger rail service that connects more than 500 cities in the US, from medium to long distances. The advantage is that you can go anywhere in the United States along the tracks of trans-American trains used since the 19th century. In particular, this type of train connects to foreign train stations such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal in Canada, are very convenient for those who prefer to travel by train. Tickets can be easily booked on the website or can be booked at the train stations near you.
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6. Yellow cab taxi

This is a common type of taxi in New York and is a favorite means of transportation here. In particular, this taxi is most commonly seen on the streets of Manhattan. However, the fare is quite high and you have to pay extra tips. Therefore, tourists usually only use this vehicle when they have a lot of luggage or are in a hurry.
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7. Mega bus

If you need to move between cities, which means of transport do you use? Take the Mega bus, which is a typical means of road transport, used by more than 40 million passengers in 120 cities in North America.

This type of vehicle is similar to a highway bus and is a double-decker bus. In addition, fares change from time to time, so you can buy cheaper tickets if you book in advance. In principle, each passenger is allowed one piece of baggage; has the advantage of having a power outlet for each seat and having wifi in the car.
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8. Muni Passport

This is a transportation card that allows unlimited use of all public transportation in San Francisco. If you have a Muni Pass, you can use the cable car, tram, Muni Bus, Muni Metro… The card is divided into 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day passes and can be purchased at the information counter in the station. Its design is not a card but a small piece of paper, on which the date and month are used like a lottery ticket.

9. Bolt bus

Along with the Greyhound bus and the Mega bus, this is also the most commonly used highway bus. To make a reservation, you just need to visit the homepage and select the departure point, destination, time, number of people. The earlier you book tickets, the cheaper tickets you can buy and also enjoy incentives such as student discounts and promotions. In fact, Bolt bus is a subsidiary of Greyhound and is characterized by offering lower fares than other companies. Especially, if you are an online member and have used it 8 times a year, you will get 1 free ride when using the car.
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10. Mears Bus

This is a shuttle bus from the airport to downtown Orlando. You can make a reservation on the website, but even if you haven't already, you can issue a ticket by following the signs in the airport. After deciding whether to go one way or round trip, simply choose your destination and boarding time.

The feature of this type is that there is no fixed route that changes from time to time. Because passengers with the same destination are gathered; Vehicle size and departure time are selected according to the number of people, so the disadvantage is that the departure time is not fixed, or it may take a long time to reach the destination. However, at the Orlando airport, where vehicles like Uber or Lyft cannot enter, this is a means of choice for many travelers because of its availability and affordable price.
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