Top 10 most beautiful cats in the world

Cats have always been animals loved by many people. For a long time, cats have become very familiar animals to many families. There are many cat breeds in the world with unique characteristics. Here are the most beautiful cat breeds in the world.

1. LaPerm Cat

In the United States in 1982, a cat from a cat farm named Speedy gave birth to a litter of kittens. One of the kittens was bald and had large ears that were widely spaced apart. This cat looks very different. As an adult, it has strangely curly fur. All kittens born to this curly cat, like their mother, have curly hair. They are called LaPerm cats and are recognized by TICA.

The identification point of the LaPerm Cat is its fur, whether it is short or semi-haired, the common thing is curly. LaPerm is a small to medium sized cat. They have long legs, long necks, large ears, and adorable almond-shaped eyes. Below the head, the neck area is where their curly hair is easiest to see. LaPerm kittens in the first two weeks of birth will be bald. Then, its curly hair will grow longer. The LaPerm is a cat breed that is as gentle as its face. They are very affectionate, kind, agile and active, often catching mice.

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2. Turkish Angora cat

The Turkish Angora (also known as the Ankara or Turkish Angora), is a breed of domestic cat originating from the Ankara region of Türkiye. Appearing thousands of years ago, Angora is one of the oldest cat breeds. This is a cross between two cat breeds from two different cultures: Persian and African. Turkish Angora is considered a treasure by the indigenous Turkish people. In 1973, Angora cats were recognized in the world by CFA. As a cat with a luxurious appearance, this cat is very active. They love to play, run and jump, can play with balls or roll wool all day without getting bored at the fountain
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3. Somali cat

The Somali breed originated in Egypt, where an Abyssinian cat had a long-haired mutation. Therefore, it receives the attention of people and breeders. Somali cats have a strong, muscular physique, a plump body with strong muscles, and a large neck. Its head has a pointed nose and a wide face. The fur looks very smooth, their common fur colors are gray, light brown and tamarind, the round copper blue eyes of the Somali cat are enough to attract anyone who loves this cat breed. They sleep a lot, and when they are awake they often monitor people and activities in the house from afar.

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4. Toyger cat

The Little Tiger is a breed of domestic cat that originated in the United States, appearing in the 1980s. The Toyger is the result of crossbreeding between a shorthair and a Bengal cat. In 1993, the International Cat Association accepted registration of the Toyger as a new cat breed. To date, there are more than 400 hybrid Toyger cats in the world. They are cared for by professional breeders and they look for opportunities to breed and reproduce. Since the Toyger first appeared, cross-breeding has continued to this day.

This cat has a slim body. The highlight of this cat breed is its tiger-like appearance. It has a small stature, muscular body, straight legs, medium height, long neck, small ears and long tail. Size from medium to large, weight 4.5 - 7 kg. All of their striped appearance is a result of cat hybridization and has nothing to do with tigers. Toyger's personality is smart, playful and easy to teach. They also possess the superior hunting ability of tigers. It can catch mice and birds with its sharp claws and keen sense of smell.
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5. Maine Coon cat

The origin of the Maine Coon cat is still unclear, there are currently many very different legends. However, most people believe that the Maine Coon originated in ancient North America. This cat is a cross between a native wildcat and a long-haired cat. Today, Maine Coon is most commonly raised in the US and Europe. In 2010, this cat breed appeared in Vietnam, but the number of purebred cats is still very small.
Maine Coon is a "giant" cat breed, 25 to 41 cm tall, with a body weight of 5 to 8 kg. Especially if well developed, the height of some animals can be up to 100 cm. The Maine Coon's body is rectangular, muscular, with a broad chest, big strong legs and extremely sharp claws, a large head with a thick mane surrounding it, and a large but short nose. Their eyes are large, their ears are moderately large, erect on their heads, and their fur is also erect. Tail: The Maine Coon cat's tail is as long as a raccoon's tail, the fur is thick, shaggy and waterproof. Fur colors are very diverse such as: salt and pepper, chocolate brown, but the most common are black and white, black-gray and yellow-white. Maine Coon has the advantage of being smarter than other cat breeds, obedient, easy to train, gentle and loyal to its owner, likes to exercise, and has good hunting instincts.
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6. Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is an Oriental short-haired cat breed. To date, there is still no exact information about the birthplace of this species, but most opinions believe that they appeared in the 14th century in Thailand. Siamese cats are present in Europe and were introduced to the United States in 1879. This cat has a unique beauty and elegance, so it is loved by many people.

Siamese cats are divided into two types: traditional and modern, each type has a number of different characteristics. Modern Siamese cats have angular beauty, long, straight bodies, high legs, triangular ears and elongated tails. Traditional Siamese cats have a rather chubby body, large bone structure, and round face. Although there are some differences between traditional and modern Siamese cats, in general, they all have the most outstanding characteristics of this breed such as: blue eyes, large, almond-shaped, very deep, expressive, furry. short but shiny and beautiful. The fur color of Siamese cats is very diverse such as: light blue, gray, lilac, chocolate,... Siamese cats have an intelligent personality, like children, are obedient and easy to train. In particular, it has the ability to suppress itself and hide its claws so as not to harm others.
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7. Turkish Van cat

The Turkish Van is a long-haired cat breed originating from Türkiye, concentrated in the southeastern region of the country. They are a rare breed, even in their homeland they are very rare. It often appears near Lake Van, and there have been many theories that the Turkish Van cat came from Armenia.

Turkish Van can be considered the largest cats in the world, the largest cats in the world. Male cats are slightly larger than female cats. A male Van cat can weigh up to 9 kg with a height of about 32-36 cm, while a female Van cat only weighs about 5-6 kg and is about 30-35 cm tall. It has large, round eyes that are blue or amber in color. Van cats' legs are very strong and can jump very far. What's impressive about this cat is its very long tail. Turkish Van The Turkish Van has thick, soft fur that is difficult to absorb water. It looks almost completely white except for the streaks of color on the head and tail, sometimes there are cats with streaks on the body. These color compartments are called "valve" patterns, with a variety of colors such as red, cream, orange stripes, black, brown, etc. Van cats are very good to their owners, but are extremely tough, active, intelligent, curious and extremely proud, and have difficulty getting to know strangers. It likes to climb to heights when at home to see everything around it and feels safe up there.

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8. British Longhair Cat

British Longhair cats are also known as Ald or British Longhair. Just by hearing the name, everyone knows the birthplace of this cat breed. The British longhaired cat breed originates from distant England, it appeared in the mid-20th century, relatively late compared to other cat breeds.

British Longhair cats have a sturdy body and long, shiny fur. Its head is round, its ears are short, pointed and its eyes are bright, very sharp and agile. The tail hair is quite thick and long, the chest is strong, creating a very muscular and strong feeling. Because it is a cross between purebred short-haired cats and Persian cats, British long-haired cats have many different coat colors such as white, black, fawn, chocolate brown, red, blue... and a few coat colors. other highlights. British Longhair kittens can weigh almost 1 kg at birth, while adult females weigh 4 to 6 kg and males can weigh up to 8 kg. This super cute cat has captured the hearts of cat lovers not only because of its beautiful appearance. British long-haired cats also have a docile personality and easily get along with other pets in the house. As a child, it is often very active and mischievous, and can play with children and toys such as fishing poles and laser lights all day.

Biểu tượng Cộng đồng đã xác minh
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9. Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the ornamental cats that many people love and choose as a family pet. Persian cats come from the ancient kingdom of Persia, present-day Iran. This cat is considered a native cat breed in Iran, it was discovered, cared for and raised by Iranian people from an early age. When the British learned about it, they brought it back to their country for further breeding. Since then, Persia has developed a lot and become increasingly popular in European countries.

The outstanding feature that makes Persian cats loved and pampered by many people is their elegant, seductive and enchanting appearance. The body of a purebred cat is of average size, with a sturdy body with 4 short legs and flat feet. Persian cats weigh about 3 to 5 kg, are 25 to 38 cm tall, have a large, round head, a fairly short nose and deep muzzle, and a generally flat face. They have small, upright triangular ears and large, sharp eyes that make Persian cats even more beautiful. This purebred cat breed has identifying characteristics such as a small nose and large eyes. If you have a Persian cat, you need to be careful because they may have watery eyes and difficulty breathing. Persian cats are famous for their above-mentioned beauty, and also have a kind, gentle, intelligent personality and are very compatible with humans and other animals. This cat breed does not like to run around, be cruel or destructive like other cat breeds.
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10. Scottish Fold Cat with Folded Ears

Scottish Fold cat, also known as Scottish Fold cat, was first known in Tayside - Scotland in 1960. Later, this cat breed was crossed with British Shorthair cats and American cats to have lovely folded ears like Now. Since 1970, Scottish Fold cats have been widely raised in North America and European countries.

Scottish Fold cats have an extremely cute appearance, chubby body, and big round head. The cutest thing about this cat is its big, sparkling eyes, with a variety of colors such as dark blue, gray-green, blue, smoke... and of course the indispensable identifying feature is its beautiful floppy ears. pretty. Scottish Fold's fur and tail have two types: short hair and long hair. The tail is long, big, and ruffled like a mop. Fold-eared cats have a number of popular fur colors such as sliver, gray, blue-gray, lilac... Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, this cat's personality is extremely gentle, friendly, calm, and sociable with other people. other animals. However, it also has a disadvantage: lack of exercise, making it easy to become obese.

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