10 reasons why Darwin theory of evolution is wrong

Is Darwin's theory of evolution correct? Inferred evolution is still a controversial theory, but it is still preached in many places. On the New Scientist page, there is an article "Darwin was wrong" with 9 points pointing out the loopholes of this evolutionary theory.

1. The Law of Biogenesis

Louis Pasteur was a famous French scientist who pioneered the field of microbiology who declared that life must have originated from life. Simply put, children are born to parents. Even the smallest organism cannot be created from a random combination of unconscious chemical atoms. This is called the Law of Biogenesis, which Pasteur has proven experimentally.

In other words, if Darwin is right, then the Law of Creation must be wrong. Pasteur once stated emphatically that the doctrine of spontaneous life would never be restored. In no case can it be confirmed that microorganisms exist without germs, without parents like them.
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2. Prokaryotic cells do not evolve into eukaryotic cells through mutation

The theory of evolution does not mention the fact that single-celled bacteria evolve into cells that are hundreds of times larger and more complex than they are. Prokaryotic cells do not evolve into eukaryotic cells through mutation but rather through symbiosis.

Jonatthan Wells (biologist) and William Dembski (mathematician) said that eukaryotic cells are complex cells, but even prokaryotic cells are extremely complex and there is no scientific evidence to show that simpler life forms that evolved from prokaryotes. For example, within mitochondria, in addition to the network of ATP machines, there are countless other machinery systems.

3. Explosion of life in the Cambrian

About 530 million years ago there was the sudden appearance of most of the major phyla, before which organisms were mostly simple individuals. Only about 70-80 million years they have evolved amazingly.

Darwin notes in his book "On the Origin of Species" that the sudden appearance of arthropods in the Cambrian fossil archive is a problem in the theory of evolution because, according to Darwin's theory, the Evolution took place over a very long period of time, while the powerful Cambrian explosion went against this.

4. There are no intermediate links

Also in "On the Origin of Species", Darwin also said that the number of intermediate forms that existed on earth was very large, but that these intermediate connections were not found in the stratigraphic layers. This is perhaps the strongest objection to his own theory of evolution.

Stephen J. Gould, a Harvard professor, said that all paleontologists know that fossil archives contain very few intermediate forms and that transitions between main groups can happen suddenly.

5. The immutability of an organism

Also according to Professor Stephen J. Gould, the stability of most fossils throughout its long life found in geology has been recognized by paleontologists as obvious, but most has not been studied.

The overwhelming prevalence of fixation in fossil remains has become an embarrassing feature but is ignored by everyone as ignorant.

6. Information from DNA

Norbert Weiner (MIT professor of mathematics, considered the father of cybernetics, cybernetics) said that information is information, it is not matter or energy, and materialism fails. Failure to realize this will not survive a day. Information is not physical but it can convey physical information. There is no evidence that information can be evolved or improved through mutation.

In 10 billion characters, a copy error occurs once, and each human DNA sequence has about 3 billion genetic characters. Bill Gates also said that DNA is much more like a high-end computer program than some created software.

Physicist and chemist Jonathan Sarfati also said that the amount of information that can contain DNA on a needle is equivalent to a stack of thin-cover books 500 times the length from the earth to the sun and its contents are not. never repeat. In other words, if we have a 40GB hard drive, a single DNA needle can hold 100 million times as much information as that hard drive. Therefore, evolution is not random or blind.

Antony Flew - The famous British atheist also said that the knowledge of DNA shows incredible about the arrangement necessary to produce life, intelligent consciousness must be involved to be able to make the element. This extremely diverse is operated. The complex molecular machine will do the job of copying DNA in the cell.

7. The struggle for survival is not the driving force for evolution

Scientists from the University of Bristol say that it is the living space that is the main driver of evolution. Studies have also shown that major evolutionary changes occur when animals move to new habitats that have not been occupied by other animals.

8. Darwin's Tree of Life is unrealistic

Eric Bapteste, a biologist at France's Pierre and Marie Curie University, said the model describing the association of species should be a bush instead of a tree because we don't have a good proof for a tree of life. Life is a reality. Instead of descending from the species to its individual species, they interbreed with different evolutionary branches, resulting in a complex bush in its own right.

Michael Rose - Biologist at UCI said that the tree of life is being delicately buried and the biological foundation should change!

9. Humans did not evolve from apes

Actual studies show that the DNA of humans and apes is only about 93% similar and we have a greater difference than them in terms of body structure, behavior or intelligence, brain.

10. Archaeological evidence

The most important thing is, we have a lot of archaeological evidence dating back very far.
- 5.7 million year old footprint in Greece
- Fossil teeth 9.7 million years old in Germany
- Human footprints 290 million years old
- 2 billion year old nuclear reactor in Gabon
- 260,000-year-old skull in China
- Metal sphere 2.8 billion years old
- Ica stones
and many more.
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