10 mysterious phenomena in the world

Life always contains countless mysteries that science can not explain, let's explore.

1. The connection between the brain and the body

Medicine is just beginning to understand the ways the brain affects the body. A placebo, for example, has shown that people can relieve symptoms of illness or pain by believing that the treatments are working, even though they are not. The body's ability to heal itself is more surprising than anything modern medicine can create.

2. Feelings of near death and life after death

People who have been near death report experiencing many mysterious sensations - such as going through a tunnel to a place of light, meeting loved ones, feeling at peace. Although those experiences are quite clear, no one has come up with verifiable evidence or information about the temporary exit of the soul from the body. Skeptics claim that near-death experiences are just hallucinations produced by damaged brains. So far, scientists have not been able to explain what causes near-death feelings, or determine whether they are images of another world.

3. Psychic and psychic powers

Psychic powers and psychic abilities are two of the 10 inexplicable phenomena. Many people believe that the sixth sense is a form of psychic power. Scientists have tested people who claim to have psychic powers and the results show that they do not exist or exist quite vaguely in these people. Some experts argue that psychic powers are something that cannot be tested, or that for some reason weakens in the presence of scientists or skeptics. If that were true, science would never be able to prove their existence or non-existence.

4. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)

The existence of UFOs is not a strange phenomenon, because many people see things that they cannot identify in the sky. They can be many objects, from airplanes to comets. But the question is whether any of the UFO objects are spacecraft of aliens in space? Due to the great distance from Earth to other planets, many scientists believe that the possibility of aliens visiting our civilization is unlikely. Despite this, the presence of some UFOs still cannot be explained, although in most cases their causes are found.

5. Illusion memories

In French, "déjà vu" means "seen before". This phrase is used when people have the feeling that they have seen certain situations, scenes, events in the past and now they are happening before their eyes. For example, a woman walks into a building in a country she has never been to before, but finds the interior of the building very familiar, as if she has lived in it. Some consider déjà vu to be spiritual experiences or memories of past lives. Like intuition, in the future scientists may find plausible explanations for déjà vu by studying human psychology. However, until now, the cause and nature of déjà vu remained a mystery.

6. Ghosts

The spirits of the dead appear in human culture and anecdotes long ago. Many people say they see ghosts of loved ones or even strangers. Although no evidence of ghosts has been found yet, many people continue to say that they see ghosts, take pictures of ghosts and even communicate with the spirits of the dead. Ghost researchers hope that one day they can prove that the dead can communicate with the living. That will be the final answer to the question: Do ghosts exist or not?

7. The mysterious missing people

People disappear for a multitude of reasons. Some people escaped intentionally, some were kidnapped or murdered. Most of the missing people are found, but some do not leave any clues and disappear forever. Some of the missing figures have become famous, such as Jimmy Hoffa (president of the International Truckers Union), Amelia Earhart (first woman to fly an airplane across the United States).

Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Truckers Union, went missing on July 30, 1975. Since then, his whereabouts have not been found.

8. The sixth Sense

We've all had a sixth sense at one or more times in our lives. Of course, our hunches may not be right in many cases. Psychologists assert that people always collect information about the world around them unconsciously. It makes us feel like we already know the information or understand the situation. But cases of sixth sense are difficult to study or prove, and human psychology may only be part of the answer.

9. Bigfoot

Over the decades, many people claim to have seen animal footprints shaped like human feet known as "Bigfoot". Even so, no giants have been found yet. No giant has ever lost its life to a hunter's gun, a car accident, or disease. Because there is no concrete evidence such as teeth or bones, people use eyewitness accounts, vague photos or videos to prove the existence of giants. Theoretically, scientists cannot prove that giants or Loch Ness monsters exist, but proving the opposite is also impossible. According to Livescience, those large creatures may exist, but they always avoid humans.

10. Humming sounds in Mexico

Some residents and tourists in Taos city, New Mexico state, USA feel uncomfortable and bewildered by low-frequency humming sounds from the desert. Strangely, only about 2% of the population in the city said they heard humming. Some people think unusual acoustic phenomena cause the humming sound. Others see it as a collective paranoia. To date, the source of these strange sounds has not been identified.
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